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Summons to pay and I don’t know what to do.

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I was served a summons to appear in court by the end of this month. My question is.. should i pay the settlement fee, $6,500.00 or 6 monthly payments of $1,098.00. I do not know what to do at this point because i do not have that kind of money. What are be my best options? Patiently awaiting. Thank you. Lori

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  • go to court and tell them your financial situation and that you just can’t pay that amount. hoping for a good outcome for you!

  • You may qualify for Legal Aid if you have very little income. Google “Legal help for low income people”. If you can connect with attorney there, he can respond to it and get theem to stop harrassing you.

  • just go to court,which i recently did.then you may request an affordable payment option,and maybe lower the interest rate..that morning everyother case was against credit card companies ,mainly capitol one

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