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I was served with a summons for credit card debt!! Need help never been in this situation before

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I live in michigan .. Going trough a real rough economic situation im unemployed and living paycheck to paycheck!! Received a summons for a debt of $9000 and have 21 days ti answer!! I have no idea what to do !! Lost my home .. My job … I have $100 in my bank account.. No assets or properties !! What do i do im desperate cause i obviosly cant afford a lawyer!


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  • There are no easy answers here; answer the summons and bring your documentation with you.  Putting you in prison is not going to help anyone.

  • There are no easy answers here; answer the summons and bring your documentation with you.  Putting you in prison is not going to help anyone.

  • First Q: who sued you? If not original creditor, ur in better shape.
    Second Q: do u owe it (all 9K) and when did u last make a payment?
    Third Q: what is ur overall objective? Do u want to resolve any amount due or eliminate it altogether? BK, if available to u, will eliminate it. Also U may be able to eliminate it, or settle for very little, depending on ur answers to the above questions. If you don’t know what u want to do, get some legal advice. See if legal aid is an option. Call your local county bar association and they should refer you to any free legal aid help. In the mean time, u can represent yourself. Do not concede you owe anything to anyone (even the judge) until they prove you owe it. Many times they can’t and they (the collector attorney and even the judge unfortunately) rely on u to admit it’s due. Dont lie, but don’t admit either.

    • A collection agency sued me in behalf of chase .. Bk will b an option.. Settling will be one if the willing to work w my low income about $500 a week .. Answering the summons is a must i know.. But shld i deny the debt or admit to it … I was thinking of stating the lack of “standing” since its not the otiginal creditor but i just dont wang anymore trouble or shld i call them and try to settle!! Any help its appreciated !! Thanxs

  • Make sure to check your state’s Statute of Limitations. If it has expired then you have no legal obligation to pay. Make sure you respond to the summons though.

    • I know i have to answer the smons but what will b the correct way in order for me not to get in anymore trouble i belive that in Mi is 6 yrs for rhe statue of limitations !! And it hasnt been that long

  • Hi Paulo,

    Are there other debts that have remained unpaid other than the one you have been sued on? Are there debts associated with losing your home, like deficiency balances on a 2nd mortgage?
    Please reply with a comment and provide more debt details.
    How much longer is your unemployment set to last?

    • Yes i lost my home to foreclosure and my only income is my husbands check whick is about $500 a week!! Not much to work with!! A collection agency id suing me .. I know i have to answer the summons but what will b the rite way to answer even to sttle with payment arrangements !! Im so confused and stressd over this situation

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