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Oxbridge Researchers LTD UK – Consumer Complaint – 1-12-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: December 20, 2011

State You Live in: Ontario, Canada

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,279

Company Name: Oxbridge Researchers LTD

Company Address:

Suite 72 Cariocca Business Park 2 Sawley Road
Manchester, Lancashire M40 8BB

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I have returned to school as a full-time student and single-mother of 2 trying to get back on my feet after the economic downturn saw my husband at the time and myself lose employment.

Shortly thereafter the marriage was lost as well as the house due to bankruptcy, at which point I decided to return to school.

I commenced study to complete my 4 year university degree in 14 months and eventually look toward graduate studies.

I fell behind in my studies and required the assistance of an Essay service to whom I paid for papers and outlines to assist in the development of my own work.

I paid for the work and received 5 items , each of which had a quality level of less than

I paid to receive.

I sent my comments and concerns of the quality of work I received and was promised a full refund, citing reasons of understanding my financial situation and grant and loan funding being my only income during this time, from which I paid for this poor work.

I was sent an e-mail form the largest majority owner of this “registered company” that in the time she had been off- there had been people hired that did not meet the standards normally expected.

I was reassured that any further requests would be met with the utmost of care and attention and to accept the refund as her apology, that any further services needed, the majority owner Dr. Hala Khalek, would take care of personally- that she held numerous degrees and I could be assured quality work!

Needing this assistance again I placed my request and indicated deadlines of December 19-20.

As the deadline drew near I contacted the company owner regularily to confirm all was in process and deadlines would be met.

One return e-mail indicated that the company was swamped and could hardly catch their breath.

This was one of the last e-mails I heard with any positive information. From then on in it became a back and forth with me eventually begging to get the required work in order to complete my term on time.

One final e-mail from the owner Hala Khalek, already past my requested deadline was, ” in case you haven’t noticed it is the holidays, still is in fact til January 2″.

January 2 was well past my semester end date and I in turn received a failing grade due to not having time to make up the coursework they were to assist me with.

Knowing I needed to use what they would send as a skelton framework for my purposes I placed a deadline with ample time to complete all in good order!

To date I have still not a single item in return for the money I paid in good faith. The same money that was promised for more than 3 months to be returned.

In addition, I was charged and extension fee by the university in the hopes I would yet get promised items.

The day I had to file payment with university, I stopped hearing from Hala Khalek again; the sane day she promised my full refund.

I did some searching on the internet recently and discovered a large number of comments on a Scam site and all have relatively the same communication with Hala Khalek as well as one of her “top” researchers James Robbins Additional research yesterday of the “registered company by name and number indicates the company had been dissolved Sept. 8, 2011.

I contacted Dr.Khalek and was reassured “Not dissolved, just name change” and that she hadn’t been able to update the website yet. That same conversation thread I questioned the status of work requested and she assured me “ALL COMPLETE”.

She continued to what seemed to me to threaten that she would sue- that they had been succesful indoing so to others who have attacked them!

Work has not been received and I no longer have responses from her- similar to prior to my December 20th deadline.

In my research I discovered the General Consul of this registered compaony is a lawyer from Springfield Illinois. He has, what appears to be, a prominent law firm and looks to be involved in education.

I contacted Shayne Aldridge Esq., after finding his contact information via a google search that took me to his “Linked In page.

I sent an lengthy e-mail to him on December 29, outlining all the facts as I had from pages and pages of e-mail communciation and he sent back saying he would investigate and get back to me. On December 29, I still had time to receive coursework that I was told was complete, and have some time to work it to be able to submit and not lose my term.
He didn’t get back to me until after the New Year despite my emphasizing the importance of my final date for submitting course work for grading.

His response was that my email had come in over the holidays and hence the reason for no respnse prior to the end of December.

Further communciation saw him send a message accusing me of slanderous comments toward hiom, Dr. Khalek and his law firm and that he would cease all further communication if it continued.

I made comments that were less than profesisonal but feeling I was being ripped off and the magnitude of losing my year sent me into a panic and I reacted.

I did send a message after the fact in response to an e-mail he sent asking me to allow another day or so and contact him back if I still had no papers.

He incorrectly informed me that I had in fact received the refund and that my coursework had been availabel for some time. and closed by saying they would not respond to any further communication from me and “thanked me for using the service”.

This was NOT the case and today I still await the coursework as paid for, have paid for an extension that will be lost and I do not have sufficient time to create that which they were paid to assist me with and have no refund!

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried telephoning- there is never any answer; I have tried their live chat option on their website- no one is ever on line; I sent a fax copy of the e-mail I sent to Mr. Aldrgidge Esq. and received a telephone call from a woman who received my fax and is not in any way related to this company- it is a number from Arizona somehwere.

I have yet sent a lst e-mail to Ms. Khalek requesting the coursework as I made arrangements to pay the extension fee- I have yet to hear back.

I also enquired about the refund- that she assured me January 10th would come “tomorrow”
I have 8 pages of e-mail communciation from Khlaek and proof of my payments- both via Western Union; one to Egypt the second to the US.

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