Morgan Drexen – Consumer Review – 1-16-2012

Date You First Used This Company: November 7, 2011

State You Live in: Vermont

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $316

Company Name: Morgan Drexen

Company Address:

675 Anton BLvd
Costa Mesa , CA 92626

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: Morgan Drexen

Describe the Service You Received:

Here is a comment on the release listed: Isn’t that funny – this is a first from ALL the complaints I have seen filed and I am STILL waiting for the money back they took from me. I am not sitting quiet either as I have spoken and filed a complaint with the attorney general and have an attorney. MY money and I work hard for it and they did something ILLEGAL and to others also!!!! THIS IS REALLY A FIRST OR IT MAYBE IS NOT REAL?????

List the Pros About Your Experience:

NONE they are thieves and scammers

List the Cons About Your Experience:

How Would You Rate This Company with 10 Being Best: 0

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1 thought on “Morgan Drexen – Consumer Review – 1-16-2012”

  1. I, also, was scammed by this “company” for a certain amount of money. Fortunately, though, gut instinct told me to look closer at who they really are. It was just in time to prevent them from attempting to withdrawal more funds from my account when there had not yet been any service provided. They are listed as scammers all over the internet with complaints, past lawsuits and some still pending. How are they able to continue to operate?!!!


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