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Legal Department – Consumer Complaint – 1-16-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: January 4, 2012

State You Live in: Ohio

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Peter Jones, Legal Department

Company Address: Chicago, Illinois

Company Telephone Number: 312-604-3650

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Received call that I had a payday loan headed to court in CA. The caller “Peter Jones” (312-473-2701) stated that I had to pay the $300 or it would go to court today. When I asked questions, he stated that he had no information since my paperwork was at the courthouse. Questions: “When was the loan?” “Who was the payday loan with?” My son got on the phone and demanded answers so the caller stated it was with Cashadvanceusa. I emailed CashAdvanceUSA since they had no phone number listed. I received a call and Anita stated that I had no loans whatsoever in their database. This guy Peter Jones called today to tell me that I do have a loan and he gave me another phone for cashadvanceusa – 315-604-3650 to call. They had no information since it was sent to the legal department/court house.

Consumer Action Taken:

I stated that I had no letters from them that I owed money. I asked for their company name and they gave me “Legal Department”. They also stated that they are attorney’s but would not give the me anything as the name of the attorney office except “Legal Department”. That I had contacted CashAdvanceUSA which changed it’s name some time ago to CashAdvanceNOW. I stated that they had checked their database and that I had never taken out a loan with them. So far they are insisting that I owe this money even though they have NO information to give. No dates since they 1st stated it was 3 years ago when I stated no way. They changed it to 2 years ago and again I stated no way. So they changed it again immediately to 1 year ago. They want a payment since they are being so kind to wait by Friday. Stated that I would have to go to court in CA when they are calling from Chicago IL. The main problem I have is they have all my information – bank, driver’s license, SSN. I am confused how they got all of this. Not sure how to handle this at this point but I was about to sign up with for 2 other loans I have. So I am confused if this is true or not. They call daily several times threating court in CA where I will have to fly out to. That I will receive a subpneo to go to CA for court. Since I live in Ohio along with having been out of work due to a car accident that is impossible. I received a letter or email with the information and they again stated that they do not have it since it is at the courthouse. They stated they did not have a website or 800 number.

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  • This exact thing just happened to me. Peter Jones is a very busy man, threating me for something I”m not aware of “lawsuit” (a foreign man-very hard to understand) he has all my inforamtion. Not sure what to do.

  • This exact thing just happened to me. Peter is a very busy man.  He is calling my work. I’m not sure what is going on here. Please advise.

  • I had the SAME people call me and tell me I owed a debt but did not tell me who I owed. They also had my bank info, name, address, SSN, and drivers license. When I call the number back, it says “you have reached Paul with CSS, please leave a message” and it is a foreign man. I also talked to Peter today and he kept telling me that I had a lawsuit that was being filed against be for check fraud and blah blah. I dont know what is going on. I called both loan places that I have a loan with and they were oblivious to what was going on. 

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