August Belmont & Company – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are some potential questions you might be able to provide feedback about.

  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received?
  • Was the company easy to communicate with before or after you became a client?
  • Did the company respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions for the program you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and accomplish the goals you had when you entered the program?
  • Did you have a really good experience you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience you want to share?
  • Is there any other information you’d like people to know that might be considering the services of this company?

It is important to understand when reading comments below that they are the opinions of the individual posters and may not be representative of the overall impression of all consumers that may have or have not used the debt relief services of this company. But everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to express their opinion, even the debt relief company itself, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

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100 thoughts on “August Belmont & Company – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

      • That’s classic.  Screw over hundreds consumers, change company name twice because of too many complaints and then write a glowing press release to brag about one success story?  Care to explain the extremely high number of complaints the illegal attorney fee splitting ?

        • For the record, PR Newswire is a “pay to publish” site so this propaganda is self generated by August Belmont & Co. In addition, here is what the title co’s are saying about this:
          “I doubt very much that this kind of approach will be upheld when it is challenged,” said Alan Fields, executive director of the Florida Land Title Association. “There is a real risk the mortgage will be reinstated and the quiet title will be set aside.”
          “If a mortgage was extinguished through a full trial of the quiet title action and court order after a judge heard all of the arguments, I imagine that the underwriters would approve issuance of new policies,” she said. “What we have, ironically, is a quiet title action, which is supposed to clean up title issues, having the potential to cloud the title and create more issues.”
          Let’s see how fast August Belmont & Co publishes an article when this is overturned. BTW, why no mention of Fidelity Land Trust in their article ?

          • Nope, just someone who knows that everything Larry Diodato touches is a scam.  Do a search for: Elimidebt, Center for Legal Justice, August Belmont and Larry Diodato.  and if you still defend the scum then you are probably in his crew…..typical 

          • ok so back to my original question – are there any companies that can help reduce interest rate, etc for a property that is upside down and does not qualify for any of the HARP programs?

          • So you know this Larry Diodato then?..Former Client, former friend?…Bet you won’t say..And no, I am not “in his crew.” for whatever that means…I maybe a Client, but it seems you probably wouldn’t believe it. For anyone that writes anything positive about August Belmont & Co, people jump down their throats, including this guy whos “blog’ we r on…I would just believe you R an Atty, who “rapes” US poor homeowners by charging “US” monthly fees for a “supposed” foreclosure defense Or for a Loan modification. And do NOTHING for yrs, except STEAL from US…At least People are starting to fight BACK against the BANKS, were as YOU, IF your one of those Attys I described, DO NOTHING…   
               Or you can possibly work in a BANK, that has possibly committeed fraud against hundreds of thousands of US homeowners..

          • Mr. Guest apparently does not appreciate the fact that you do not have to know this Larry Diodato personally to know about him. A simple background check led me to find he is a convicted felon for stock fraud, was barred by the SEC and NASD, has a state tax lien/warrant in NYS against him, was a star witness in a “murder for hire” case, has had multiple civil suits filed against him in several NY courts and had  criminal/civil charges filed against him in California .He also apparently has lots of enemies who have posted some not so nice things about him and his business dealings online. He also appears to be involved with some other fellows such as Ed Cherry, Preston Sjlobom, Evan Kagan, Paul Rogers Kennedy and Howard Feinmel, all of whom have had their fair share of issues that can easily be found online as well. It is ironic that Mr. Guest posted the positive spin article published by August Belmont & Co the same day it was released yet claims he is not an associate. You can draw your own conclusions from this but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…. I know someone who was contacted by an employee of one of Larry Diodato’s prior companies, The Center For Legal Justice  . My friend became a client and after paying thousands in fees and getting no results is being forced to file bankruptcy as a result of judgements stemming from advice to not pay creditors by The Center For Legal Justice, I would warn that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  

          • You might want to do your homework on the attorney taking credit for this case, Howard Feinmel, and his legal issues with the Indiana AG ….see link http://www.in.gov/portal/news_events/files/8_24_11_State_v._Community_One_Law_Center_et_al.pdf and check the status of his prior companies with the BBB, National Law Partners (BBB alert) and Community One Law Center (BBB alert and “F” rating). You can change the name on the door but you cannot hide from who and what you really are. If you believe for a second that Larry Diodato is fighting for the common man then I have a bridge I want to sell you. They are not Robin Hood as much as they would like you to believe that. They take from the poor (and desparate) to give to themselves.

          • What am I missing here?  I have a simple question and not looking to  continue to hear about Larry D.  Is there any Florida companies that can help with reducing interest rates, etc.  I am current on my mortgage but completely upside down.

      • Apparently Howard Feinmel, attorney for August Belmont & Co and Fidelity Land Trust is under investigation by the Florida Bar for his mounting quiet title cases. Here is a quote from the Palm Beach Post articel published today in response to the self published article August Belmont & Co wrote about some preacher getting his mortgage cancelled.

        “A press release issued Tuesday by one of the trust referral companies says Boca Raton attorney Howard Feinmel, who is under a Florida Bar investigation for issues relating to quiet title lawsuits, won a judgment in November that canceled a mortgage. It was a default judgment, typically awarded when the defendant fails to respond within 20 to 30 days and can be reopened if there are legitimate reasons for missing the deadline”

  1. I am deferred with Sallie Mae. I think I am the only one. I know of people they owe and Sallie Mae does not contact them Some of them are overseas. I was looking for a job in the internet and apply to this USA place. Next think, I was called by “Ben” at my job’ telling me (he already knew who I was due to the information place it in the employment application) about my owe money with USA. I am military so some of the $$ whatever is covered will be pay by the mil (I supposed unless the law has changed). USA claimed I owe $30 grants like 5-8 grants more than Sallie Mae. When I did applied I used my single name. I made some payments but then I just stop. I have never denied not paying It is too much. Now USA call my job and wants take money out of my salary. I am planing to take them to court and pay directly to Sallie Mae.
    Can I pursue this? When the Army makes the first pay it will be to Sallie Mae!

  2. By the way, I just wanted to state for the record that I have reached out to both August Belmont & Company and their attorney Robby Birnbaum and offered the message below following the August Belmont recent accusation that the site published misinformation.

    “I invite you to reach out to us at any time if we
    publish anything that is incorrect or wrong about August Belmont. I have
    no idea who is accusing us of posting misinformation but emails with
    additions, corrections, comments, or error reports are always welcome.

    It is our goal to make sure the information we publish is accurate as the record reflects.”

    We strongly encourage anyone that feels any information we publish or have published is in error to contact us using the form on the left side of every story. Accusations of inaccuracy are taken seriously.

  3. Hi
    My parents just signed some papers with August Belmont and I am telling them to pull out, can they?  They said they have 5 days to do so…  They are charging them a monthly fee and using Meracord as the third party collector…. They also told my parents that this fee would pay for there services and that all there debt would be taken care of?  In other words they are confident they can erase all there debt without settlements, only they get the money, not the creditors….


      •  Sounds like that is what they are saying… They think they can erase all the debt because the creditors messed up and therefore my parents don’t have to pay…

        They have only dealt with an August Belmont representative… which I understand this company is just a referral company, not attorneys, how can they say this stuff…

        • I reached out to August Belmont & Company and asked them for a public comment on the service they are providing. It appears you are talking about their “Credit Card Contract” service.

          I asked them “Additionally, if this falls under your “credit card contract” service, can you provide me with any example cases where we can show readers this approach has invalidated all of the debt of one consumer. Maybe you have some cases you have filed on behalf of consumers as well I can reference.”

          The initial response I received from an anonymous person at August Belmont & Company was, “Please send me the reader’s contact information and the representative the reader allegedly spoke with including dates and times. Because I was not a participant in the conversation, and I am assuming you were not either, any comment regarding same (or story) would be intellectually dishonest and inaccurate.”

          I’ve emailed them back again and asked for general information on the “credit card contract” service they offer on their website and I’m awaiting that information. I’ll update you when I receive their response.

          •  Thanks for the research, I don’t have access to the docs, but was told today, my parents spoke with the said attorney Paul Aaron Herman and the money the send per month is for his fees, and if they can’t get rid of all the debt they will only pay 10 cents for every dollar in any kind of settlement. 

            I’m done I did my part to try and help them.. but I think they are going to do it.

            Thanks for your advice and help.

          • So I just had a long conversation with attorney Paul Herman. He explained what his office is trying to do. My concern at this point is that there might be some misperception between what the sales person might have said and what Paul is delivering. Paul would like for you or your parents to call him directly and make sure you are all on the same page regarding the service, the possible outcomes, and Paul will be happy to share performance expectations with you and/or your parents as well. You can reach Paul Herman, Esq. at tel 800-269-4685; 561-910-7894

        • While I had hoped August Belmont & Company would respond with information i could share to help clarify this matter, this is what I just received.

          “More important, August Belmont & Company is a lawyer referral service. The only service that is provided is that of lawyer referral services and the provision of information relating to same.

          The marketing materials that the firm uses can be found at the FTC.GOV website. I attach the marketing materials.

          Consumer’s need to understand that the services performed by attorneys are litigation services. The attorneys sue banks, debt collectors and credit reporting agencies. The services are all performed under the supervision of the Judiciary. It is the responsibility of the Judiciary to ensure safekeeping of the justice system.

          If you would like to request samples of cases that have resulted in dismissals of debt please do so in writing and identify your complete corporate information. Our attorneys are having a hard time locating exactly where your organization is incorporated.”

          I have no idea why our location of incorporation has anything to do with them providing comment or support on their own service, but apparently in their minds, it does.

        • In requesting details from them on the “credit card contract” program here is the statement I just received from Steve at August Belmont & Company in this matter:

          “As you are well aware, you have been accused of providing misleading information. Our attorneys do not want to spend extra time locating your firm in the event litigation is warranted. Please put together a well thought out letter if you are truly interested in the service. If you are not, please let me get back to my work.”

          My response is below to this was:

          “As you said, “Being the fine journalist that you are I am sure that you share our position regarding the obligation to publish stories that are 100% accurate and verifiable. ”

          And that’s why I’m asking for the information.

          But the reason you are unable to unwilling to provide the information is because of some unsupported allegation of “misleading information?” But doesn’t my request for information fly in the face of that? Obviously I’m requesting the information to provide accurate information and to make sure your voice is heard.

          I’m interested in who is accusing me of providing misleading information. I’d like to respond to that accusation but it’s a broad statement without context. Can you please provide some specifics please?”

          And so that’s where it stands at this point.

          • The response I got from August Belmont & Company was that I needed to put my request for information in writing to their attorney Robby Birnbaum. 

          • Robby Birnbaum would defend a pedophile priest for the right amount of money.  

            All these stories about how GCS and Meracord are being sued for aiding and abetting yet no one points out the scum attorneys who aid and abet their clients allowing them to continue scamming consumers?  

            Hey REGULATORS !!!  I know you’re reading this post.  Whats the point of having laws without enforcement ?  

            A thought….subpoena August Belmont, Esquire Litigation and Center for legal justice and conduct an audit.  I’ll make it even easier for you.  All you have to look for is the comparison of the revenue August Belmont and Center for Legal Justice receives vs the revenue that Esquire Litigation pulled in that same month and you will find and equal and proportionate number.  This is the proof you need to show fee sharing.  While you are at it, can you do something about Robby Birnbaum representing these thieves?  

  4. Think about it……do research……this company started as Elimi debt…CEO(Larry D)….Larry was approached by Ralph Johnson, who worked with Jen Kirk(creative vacation solutions,universal marketing solutions)…It was a timeshare resale company which has been shut down by the FEDS for bieng fraudulent. Ralph pitched Larry on doing timeshare fee recovery. Which is calling timeshare clients that have been defrauded and telling them they could get their money back. Larry thought that because he had attorneys that would help him, and  no one could touch him…..So that is when Center for Legal Justice was born….The big problem their is, that is attorney fee sharing. They would set up telemarketing rooms that would solicit people and tell them they were a referral service that would find an attorney to help them, at that point they would have the attorney collect the fee from the client usually around 25% of their loss and Larry would get payed from the attorney. THAT IS ILLEGAL! im sure he had a separate LLC  set up for the funds to be paid too but it will all get traced back at some point….Now that the FEDS indicted Ralph for his role as an owner/manager of UMS/CVS and he is currently in prison, Larry changes the name from Center for Legal Justice to August Belmont Co…….When he makes the switch from CFLJ to August Belmont Co he stops doing the timeshare recovery and goes back to what he does best….Debt recovery……Its still all one big rip off……Larry is not a mobster , he is not in the mob, He just thinks intimidation is his best friend……..Trust me he will have his day in court………when it comes down to it my advice is STAY AWAY!!!!!

    • Thank You Dane for for that sound post.  Once you sift through all of the minutia of name calling and what not pay attention to Dane’s post.  I was the victim of a scam from a company based out of Florida.  Just FYI, Florida is the world capital of Scam’s because of the nature of the laws.

      I worked with the Federal Trade Commission and US Postal inspector, as a victim and witness, until the 10 scumbags were put in jail.  The company was AED (American Entertainment Distributors, look it up un the USDJ website.   

      I quickly did some research on this and they are based out of Florida and along with Dane’s post it’s easy to put the pieces together.  Sure there my be some posts of people who had a “Wonderful” experience…..BUT…….there were people like that when I fell pray to AED’s web.  These posts could be from any computer and they could be paying people to post that stuff.  Believe me AED did.

      People if you got a call from August Belmont & CO., steer clear – I know I am.  The risk is simply too great!

      Thanks Again Dane.

  5. Well tell how can one truly get out of debt without getting ripped off because seriously if your debt you can’t afford to take a loss

    • Thats an easy one Bleenise….There are plenty of experienced companies that do not charge any fees until they settle your debt. Why pay for a service that hasn’t been provided?  You cant get ripped off if the fee is based off how much they save you and its not collected until you see a settlement letter and you approve the settlement.  

  6. Has anyone use the August Belmont (Attorney Paul Herman) for debt settlement or debt elimination? They are located in Boca Raton Fl. 

    • There is negative reviews all over this site and the rest of the internet, plenty of warnings and red flags.  Consumers are warned to stay away from this company.  Do your research and ask yourself this….with all the laws about not paying upfront fees how are they able to loophole and charge upfront fees?  If they were legit and capable of doing what they say then you should only have to pay once the debts are settled or “eliminated”  …really? eliminated?  C’mon!!!!!  How is that even believable to begin with?  Sometimes, and I hate to say it, but man these consumers stupid for believing this nonsense!!  If you believe that then I have a bridge Id like to sell you.  This one has a toll booth and you get to keep all the money you collect.  Just sign here…..

      Always ask questions…wake up people, what the hell is wrong with you ?!?!?!?

        • If I’m not mistaken their fees come out to almost 30% of the consumers debt….thats some vig!! How else can they afford to pay all those affiliate sales companies?  Meanwhile, those that follow the rules do not earn a dime until a settlement is reached.  Which do you think will work harder for you, the company who has yet to earn its fees or the company that gets paid upfront ?

  7. I just received this message,”take down all posts by honesty361 and drkhan regarding august belmont and center for legal justice”

    This is a message to honesty361 and drkhan. As I said in a previous comment I would be happy to remove them but you must post your request from the same ip address you used to make the comments from. It’s the only way I know of to confirm your request.  The latest message did not come from the ip address of the commenters.

    • Unfortunately since I keep getting messages through the tip form with no way of responding to them, it leaves me only this way to respond to the person purporting to be Honesty361 but without any way to verify it.

      Your message through the confidential tip form makes some statements and accusations that I feel must be responded to. I wish I had some way to contact you but you’ve given me no way to reach you offline.

      The message accuses me of not protecting you under the shield law but your posting of comments does not fall under NC shield law protection. In order to be protected you would need to have assisted me in supplying facts for a story that I wrote. I would then be able to provide protection as a source for a story I wrote. Commenters are liable for their comments they make. And that holds true on any web site.

      You state that the truth does not matter to me and that impacts the credibility of this site. The truth does matter to me. In the case of claims asserted by any commenter, those are their claims and have not been verified or screened by me. I have no knowledge of the truth or fact behind anonymous claims and I have seen no backup or supporting documentation to prove those claims made by an anonymous person under the name honesty361. I don’t even have any way to verify if there wasn’t more than one person posting as honesty361.

      You will note that in articles, I publish the source documents behind claims I make on the site. I give people access to the supporting documentation so they can verify the source, read the documents and evaluate the truth of the statements made in a story. You’ve not provided readers with any evidence of the factualness of the claims you’ve made. In fact you’ve not given any support that you are even honesty361 or drkahn and no way to verify it. Just give me at least one comment from one of the IPs you allegedly used to post comments and I will take them all down. Give me something to verify your identity. 

      If you want to provide me with verifiable supporting documentation or an on the record statement that can be fact checked and verified, I’m happy to write the story and stand behind it.

      You do realize that for all I know you are someone related to the company or individuals named that might want the comments removed for their own purpose. It’s a bit ironic that you attack my credibility when in fact what I’m doing is trying to make sure the real person posting as honesty361 and drkahn is giving me permission to delete the comments. If I didn’t do that I can just see being attacked for removing the comments without permission and being attacked for trying to hide something.

      I have been clear about all of this and it’s well covered in the site terms. You’ll find the site terms say, “If legal action is taken against a comment made by you, you will be responsible for defending your statements made.”

      • I finally got sufficient information to verify the person making the request to remove comments by honesty361. I have deleted the comments per their request for honesty361 and drkahn.

        • Im not worried about the legal extortion as much as Im worried about getting my legs broken by those goons so if you feel the Diadato crime family is going to subpoena the site then please remove any posts that have the word “tool” in the name field.

  8. FYI. I have been informed that August Belmont or Larry that they are very upset with some of the comments posted in the comment section. It was stated they are planning to sue the John Doe commenter who has been posting personal attacks against Larry and his wife and they plan to subpoena this site for the IP address of the commenter.

    If the commenter that posted the personal attack comments can give me permission to remove them, I will do so now to hopefully avoid you being sued. Otherwise, if subpoenaed I may have to release the IP address of the commenter that may be named in the lawsuit by August Belmont.

  9. I think you can really know the truth by the facts.  I have not participated with this company but keep getting calls from them.  As much as I want debt relief, and as much as I know the banks can raise interest rates etc…do I try to get out of MY debt (money I legally borrowed in place of money I didn’t have at the time) through an equally shadowy way?  By essentially saying I will show you and pay nothing back at all and sue you?  What I mean here is ethics.  Do I stand as a good model citizen by modeling that 2 wrongs make a right?  As they say, what sounds to good to be true, usually is. Human nature wants the easy way route and plays right into the nature that got us all into debt in the first place—manipulation.  If we must hold banks and such accountable, but first, we must hold ourselves accountable and until we do that, no one should be manipulating themselves and others out of a debt they legally owe.  It is just not good citizenship.

    • Mike ? Oh Mike ? Where are you, Mike ? Can you do me a favor ? Walk over to Ed Cherry in your office (or is it Edward Kennedy or maybe Edward Tudor) and ask him if Global Capital Funding Partners, that multi million dollar investment holding co he brags about (www.gcfpartners.com) is now located in Luxembourg and not in your office at 902 Clint Moore Rd any more.  Funny because the registered agent for his corp (Global Capital Funding Partners LLC) on http://www.sunbiz.org is none other than The Center For Legal Justice at 902 Clint Moore Rd !  And who, prey tell, was the registered agent for The Center For Legal Justice you ask ? Why non other than Ed Cherry ! I get it, Ed . Its your way of thinking you are smarter than everyone else and that you can screw with the authorities, right ?Smart guy.  All the great minds in this country came from that Nova whatever school you came from, didn’t they ? Guess what Mr Cherry-Kennedy-Tudor ? The Feds already know. Wanna know how ? I bet you do. For all you readers (and for Mike the moron Brugnolotti on this post ), when Ed got busted with Hess-Kennedy he played with the Fl AG by having Laura Hess originally lie to them and say Edward Kennedy is some guy from Brussels, only to later rat out Ed and tell the AG it was really him that was Edward Kennedy. Maybe when August Belmont And Co gets busted Larry Diodato can rat out Ed and tell the Feds that Ed Tudor is really Ed Cherry and that Ed duplicated his scam with Larry the rat but with an added wrinkle, Esquire Litigation Support, Larry the rats other corp that acts as a paralegal co (when they are nothing but a money laundering entity from attorney to TCFLJ and now ABC). Mike ? Does this all sound familiar now ? Does anyone else here know that Larry is a rat ? Larry the rat only did a year in prison for stock fraud because he made a deal and spilled his guts about the  wise guys he worked for at his penny stock firm. He got run out of NY for that move because those guys were after him in a big way, only to wind up in California where he “posed” as an Investment Banker ( like he did in court when he was involved in that murder for hire trial in the the link above) and got busted once again for taking monies from friends to “invest” when all he really did was pocket the monies. Low life Larry. Criminal. Crook. Fraud. Con artist. One hip wonder. Those friends in Cali are no longer friends, right Larry the rat ? So now  Larry the rat has brought his scumbag ways to Florida to complete his “Bermuda Triangle” of criminal activity.  Live it up Larry the rat and Ed Cherry-Kennedy-Tudor the embezzling, fake attorney. The party is about to come crashing down for you douche bags. More to follow…..

      • LMAO !!  Mike, it appears that in hind sight you should have kept your mouth shut and not played the tough guy role here.  That might work when you’re fist pumping crew is strutting down Atlantic Ave; all of that purpleness can be intimidating but the lesson learned here is to debate with facts and not tough guy name calling. You opened up a can of worms and really embarrassed yourself and your company but I guess with facts like those presented in this thread I can understand why you would try to silence people with threats instead. Cant wait to read about you guys in the papers!!

        • Like apples ? How bout them apples ? Mike is a tool but he is a mere pee-on. It is Larry the rat and Eddie Esq who will have to answer for this. BTW, Chase’s attorney loved hearing about Mr. Cherry-Kennedy-Tudor selling “how to” books on debt elimination on Amazon . How to what ? How to screw innocent people out of their money ? How to hold yourself out as an attorney and business man when you and Larry the rat are nothing more than con men ? I feel sorry for Mike the tool because he is too stupid to see past the charade and thinks Larry the rat and Ed the fraud are cool guys who drive cool cars and spend big coin. Smarten up Mike the tool. Get a real job and don’t be impressed by these convicted felons. You are going to see what kind of stand up guys they are when they trip over each other to spill their guts to the feds when the end comes. Anyone on this post who got ripped off by these scumbags please contact the AG in your state. There are open investigations in every state I have called and filed a complaint so far so keep the pressure on these pricks and we will be reading about them very soon. 

          • I came across this site purely by accident. I know Larry Diodato from NYC when he just got out of jail and put together a scheme in NYC call The Ultimate Image. Larry collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors but stole the money and never put it into the company. He was selling shares but sold 200% not 100%. All of the doctors involved in the company threatened Larry with lawsuits and he was run out of town. I guess that is how he ended up in Florida.  He screwed me out of over 100K and a friend of mine 50K, who got the money from his mothers inheritance when she died. My friend Bob Farley sued Larry for his money and I filed a 4 million dollar judgement against him. Larry is a scumbag and a thief. His best friend in NYC, Dr Vinny LaBruna, went to jail for insurance fraud and spent time at the same prison as Larry, Allenwood in Pa. Seems like Larry is still up to his old tricks screwing people for his own gain. A leopard never changes its spots.

    • Hold yourself accountable for what? The banks got bailed out by some of my taxes that I work hard for 6 days a week. The credit card companies/ banks are the ones that need to have some ethical choices. What wrong is a consumer committing by looking for an attorney??. I am not quite sure of whom manipulated you aside from your educators…? I am perfectly satisfied with the service so far and I found out about August Belmont by simply engaging in a conversation with one of my neighbors that had nothing but PRAISE and GRATITUDE FOR THIS COMPANY!! There is an old saying that word of mouth advertising is the best, AND IF POSSIBLE….. do some research before you attack your own IGNORANCE.

      • Arthur, if you had done your own research instead of listening to your neighbor who most likely works there, you would have seen the numerous name changes and hundreds of complaints against August Belmont, Elimidebt, Center for Legal Justice and all the other name changes that have enabled this scam to continue.  

        Banks may be unethical for their default interest rate scam but at the end of the day, you borrowed the money and you knew about the 30% default interest rate didnt you?  Are you really saying that two wrongs make a right?

        • i was not sure at first but……………………………WHEN I ACTUALLY USED MY INTELLIGENCE, DID MY RESEARCH OF SOME BASIC  LAWS……I decided to take my chances/questions with one of my highest interest taken/rated cards. It went from 9% to 15.99%, to 22.99% and when I called to try to get them( the bank) to help me they hurt me ( I think) by not posting a payment on time…when i knew that they did have 6-7 business days to do so. After speaking with an attorney I knew that this would be a great fit.

  10. They are a wonderful company actually. They helped me with keeping both of my properties out of foreclosure and saved my mom from being on the streets.

  11. Wow, I cant believe you were stupid enough to admit that on a public forum. So you are saying its OK that Larry and a bunch of goons stormed into Nick’s office, roughed him up and took his watch ?  I think you guys are watching too many gangster movies.  This is the same arrogance you use to justify charging huge upfront fees and claiming an attorney exemption. Thank you for proving my point.  Well, my job here is done, good luck explaining this one.  Be sure to come back to this thread for a huge “I told you so” when the AG shuts your thieving ass down.  

    Ask yourself this….would you put your mother in Larry attorney model DS program?

    • No Steve, Larry literally shook the guy down and took his watch.  His crew of wanna be gangsters have done this on a few occasions it just blows my mind that this idiot would publicly admit it.  What blows my mind even more is how long these guys have been able to get away with it all.  If there is anyone from the FL AG’s office reading this please shut these guys down, they are harming consumers and giving this industry a bad name!!!  

      • Why dont you share what Nick- Mr. Honest Leads sales Guy did? Is it ok to rip off companies by selling garbage? Getting our money back is NOT a crime- You were going to share who you are again… 

  12. Whom ever is so angry at the August Belmont Co. must not understand a thing. They are kind understanding and an asset to the public. They never push what they do is supply factual information that people can have choices. All of the information provided was published outside of there company based on the law, not on sales rhetoric. This angry gentleman needs to practice Faith instead of Fear or (anger) which ever he is victim too.
    People is this country need help!   

    • I have faith in the truth. You and Mike (above) have lots to learn. For example, did you both know that Larry Diodato’s partner in crime, Ed Cherry, was issued a permanent injunction by the Florida AG in January 2009 for his involvement in the Hess/Kennedy scam ,barring him from any consumer debt related services ? Yet he works every day in your office at 902 Clint Moore Rd. previously with The Center For Legal Justice and now with The August Belmont & Co.  Paying his wife instead of him or one of his shell companies was something the Fl AG loved hearing about, contrary to what the genius above(Mike) thinks. BTW, what happened to TCFLJ ? Shut down because of complaints ? What about all that great work you guys were doing on behalf of timeshare resale scams ? I noticed August Belmont & Co do not offer this service. I did notice that you guys are now offering legal assistance with mortgage modifications. I guess the indictment by the AG of Howard Feinmel (one of your attorneys) for taking upfront fees for mortgage modifications has not deterred you. Clock is ticking on you clowns…

      • You know a lot… Certainly a former employee or one of the Time Share companies we shut down! Too bad you cant steal money any more for a living! Please see my post above! Read the lawsuit by Indiana that YOU posted that names Feinmel- It states very clearly that the state’s problem was that certain disclosures were not made- Also, that anyone who asked for a refund was given one & that if they did not receive a modification that they would receive a refund! It also does not indicate guilt. It appears Feinmel is guilty of not doing everything perfectly in Indiana but that is ONLY if the “attorney exemption” does not apply. 

        • Mike, I think all the steroids you guys are shooting up in that office is turning your brain to mush.  You are making a fool of yourself on this thread, please stop its embarrassing.  

        • Mike, how can you sit here and defend a company that is charging consumers 25% of their debt and most of it upfront only to hide behind the attorney exemption that doesn’t even exist?  And the way you defend the harm you have done is by deflecting and talking about the good Larry did by shutting down time share scams when you know deep down inside that the company you are defending has caused nothing but harm to consumers for years.  

          You fail to mention that he also ran a timeshare scam and the only reason you thugs did this was to 1) eliminate competition and 2) extort money from other call centers.  Larry is known all of Boca Raton as the biggest scumbag who churns and burns employees and has screwed over every affiliate marketing company that has worked with him.  I know of at least 3 occasions where Larry and a bunch of his goons barged into competitors offices and strong-armed them into shutting down, becoming an affiliate of his or just take money and jewelry like he did to Nick Passalaqua from Predictive Dollars.  Did Nick ever get his watch back?  Are you going to deny this too Mike…get a real job!!  You are all a bunch of wanna be gangsters, fucking posers yet you sit here and talk shit about a disgruntled employee when you know you are defending a huge ponzie scheme !! Which of the 5 families does Larry work for?  

          • Is there any accusation in particular or are they just all ridiculous?  

            Two questions….did Nick ever get his watch back and are you denying that Larry and his goons ever tried to strong-arm anyone?
            You answer those 2 questions and I’ll tell you what Larry did to me….deal?

          •  Replying here cause I cant below you-
            I heard Larry bought Nick a better watch… They definitely did strong arm some of the real scum in the Time-Share racket. That’s true but the details and end result are what’s important. Why are there no lawsuits if he was breaking the law? Is he strong arming the Attorney General too? Or maybe his Goons are headed over there now?

            The accusation of us charging fees up front under the attorney exemption is ridiculous. The attorneys we refer to charge a legal fee for the practice of law. The term debt settlement is not in their contract. We offer debt settlement on a performance basis as well. 

    • Stay away…and don’t listen to Mike, who is an employee. Go research the brains of their outfit, Ed Cherry and Larry Diodato. You will love what you find. Cherry is being sued by Chase for an “unlawful debt elimination scheme” claiming violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Consumer Fraud Act and for “tortious interference with contractual relations”. Yeah, these are fine, upstanding citizens. Just take a look at their previous operations…Hess/Kennedy, Elimi-debt, Center for Legal Justice….

      • Honesty, please provide the link for this lawsuit- liar.
        Yes, Larry owned E-limidebt. So what? Hess Kennedy has nothing to do with us & if you research Hess, you will find they actually were closed down because they took on more clients than they could service- Utimately they settled nearly $500,000,000 in consumer debt before that happened. 

        The Center for Legal Justice DESTROYED THE SCAM BUSINESS OF TIME SHARE SALES- Where millions of dollars were stolen by sham companies. CFLJ basically shut down that entire industry! The complaints are all from former owners of those companies who are now mostly going to prison! Yes, they have an ax to grind! Once the industry was shut down, the CFLJ closed. August Belmont does not handle ant time share returns and uses different law groups.

        Get a life and stop lying to try to save your scam business- we have to do business in the courts and prove our merit in the judiciary- every day- Who are you again? I dare you say who you work for- Freedom Debt Relief? Legal Helpers? Sorry your clients keep cancelling. Perhaps if you were honest up front, they wouldnt!

        • Just saw your comment. I think you misstated the purpose of the Center for Legal Justice lawsuit.

          As I posted previously, I’ll give them a prop for taking action but what is not apparently clear from the suit is that The Center for Legal Justice is the plaintiff but are they suing on behalf of someone else or have they been injured by the timeshare reseller they sued.

          Rather than an action to defend consumers on page 7 we see the issue is really that The Center for Legal Justice hired one of the defendants and gave them access to their client database which they then accuse Vera Eagan of stealing.

          This appears to be primarily a loss of revenue suit by The Center for Legal Justice from data stolen by one of their employees, than an action to defend consumers.

          The Center for Legal Justice is seeking damages for unfair trade practices, tortuous interference with a contractual relationship and civil conspiracy.
          Read the suit here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/05/19/timeshare.pdf

        • Hess Kennedy has nothing to do with you ? Ed Cherry is the mastermind behind Hess-Kennedy, CFLJ and now ABC Legal. He embezzled 500K from Hess-Kennedy, was sued by Chase and continues to hold himself out as an attorney in Fl when he is NOT. Larry Diodato is simply a two time convicted felon who took immunity in a murder case where he matched up a hitman with the client. The hit man was as dumb as Larry as he killed the wrong guy ! They all went to jail. Larry just continued on scamming innocent people. Your claims of helping people are an outright lien and the credit you take for shutting down the timeshare industry is a flat out lie. You guys simply tried to have the credit card companies credit back any fees paid to the timeshare company then charged them that or more through one of your “attorneys”…if you want to call them that. Your “panel” of attorneys have always consisted of one or two bottom of the barrel consumer protection lawyers who just happen to work in the same offices with you. Go look up Evan Kagan or Paul Rogers Kennedy. You are left with Howard Feinmel and now Paul Herman. You are a joke and it is only a matter of time before Larry the steroid king, Ed Cherry the embezzler, Larry’s little pet Jad and the rest of you idiots are locked up.

    • Yeah, i had around 35k in credit cards.  They disputed everything based on violations the banks committed.  All but two cards were dismissed.  The others I accepted settlements on just to finalize things. 

      • I agree they have also helped me get out of 65,000 worth of debt actually; one of the creditors were sued for violating calling me I got money bac which helped me settle one of the two small cards I had outstanding. I dont know if these other posts are from ex employees or what but I had a great experience.

        • @770087345755fc0a5562314c7c69325d:disqus You would shut a lot of people up and make a believer out of a lot of non believers if you would be so kind as to send Steve a copy of the settlement letters or anything you received showing the debts were resolved?

    • I have used this company and very satisfied with my results.  My initial consultation I felt comfortable and happy about the professional experience. The consumer protection representative that initially worked with me was quite helpful and patient in educating me on my rights as a consumer ,right up to speaking to the Attorney. I was extremely satisfied with the customer service through and through. I am grateful to all those who helped me with the quickest professioal service that has put be in a much better financial situation. Thank you all !

  13. These (www.theabclegal.com) are the same guys from Elimidebt, The Center for Legal Justice, Hess-Kennedy and Community One Law Center (Larry Diodato, Ed Cherry, Howard Feinmel, Evan Kagan,Paul Rogers Kennedy) . They are not too bright as they keep forming corporations under the same people over and over (look them up on http://www.sunbiz.org) The name on the door changes but the scam rolls merrilly along, and at the same address ! Are they that cocky or just plain stupid ? . Telemarketing unsuspecting consumers to sign a legal service agreement with a florida attorney who illegally fee splits with them through a creative concept, that being a paralegal service (esquire litigation support) to launder the monies right back to them. I have seen posts about one of their great attorney’s, Howard Feinmel, only to google him and see his mug shot for drunk driving and an Attorney General lawsuit in Indiana against him for taking upfront fees for foreclosure assistance. I guess none of them have read the Fl Bar opinion on fee splitting , which the Fl Bar provided us upon giving them information about this criminal enterprise. Want further verification of the fine standards of some of their other attorneys then google Evan Kagan or Paul Rogers Kennedy as well (also subjects of recent posts here). These are the worst form of scumbag as they prey on the fear and desperation of people for their own financial benefit. The only good news is that the Fl AG is all over this through their economic crimes division and the Fl Bar has been notified of the conduct of these attorneys. A class action lawsuit has been prepared and former clients who saw no benefit other than their credit destroyed, calls from creditors and judgements and lawsuits take place are being contacted to participate. They can run but they cant hide and soon will be facing the music. They will be tripping over each other to cooperate with the authorities with tears in their eyes. I, for one, cannot wait.  

          • That is written by a former employee with an ax to grind, as evidenced by his comments on Larry using steroids. What would one tell the attorney general? They called? I’m sure the AG would love to get such a stupid call. What are your credentials? Did you used to scam people out of their money for time shares and Larry put you out of business?? The Center for Legal Justice did get involved in trying to help people who were scammed by your Time-Share resale company and although they essentially put that horrible scam business model out of business, there were a few black eyes because the nature of that business. they are no longer at that but did help hundreds get refunds. Call the FL AG, they know who August Belmont is because they essentially killed that business in Florida. The AG is rather grateful. Check the attorney’s credentials. They are impeccable. 

    • So… according to you, the FL AG has prepared a Class Action lawsuit?? You are truly an idiot. Contact the FL AG and ask them yourself. Jerk- Lies.

      Also, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t made a mistake. Howard is a fine lawyer & a DUI is not good but it happens. It certainly does not make him a bad attorney. Kagan & Kennedy have not been here for a year- Personal issues

      • What about Feinmel’s AG lawsuit for taking upfront monies for loan modifications, something your company apparently also does now ? If you guys are so legit, why keep changing your name from Elimi-debt to Center for Legal Justice to August Belmont and Co. ? I don’t see IBM or Apple changing their names ? You already know the answer to that question don’t you, Mike ? You guys are a scam and you are a fraud. BTW, Kagan and Kennedy did not have personal issues. Kagan almost ended up in jail and Kennedy pulled out of your scam to avoid being disbarred. Smarten up you moron.  

        • My company does not do that. One of Howard’s companies did- If you read the suit & I’m assuming you did not, the defendant who the AG is representing as “harmed” signed and paid in October 2009, and received a full refund in December 2009. The AGs suit is basically running that this law group did not do certain things required by the state to perform this business, like getting a surety bond and providing certain written disclosures, etc. Their is an exclusion for attorneys, whether or not it applies will be up to Indiana courts. No where does it claim any consumers were harmed or that the group did anything deceptive! 

          August Belmont takes nearly half of their clients out of debt settlement programs. Which one do you work for? I’m sorry we are rescuing your former clients but even the FTC says DO NOT GO WITH A DEBT SETTLEMENT COMPANY, HIRE AN ATTORNEY IF YOU DEBT!

          My advice, why don’t you stop blogging information designed to hurt us when ultimately it may steer a consumer away from a great program that works & keep them in your debt settlement program which will ruin their credit, likely get them sued, get them a 1099 tax bill & their wages garnished & 90% of the time NOT WORK!? Our clients send us thank you’s every day! Many for saving them from YOUR debt settlement scam! It’s too bad you are losing business to excellent lawyers who can actually protect them, but that’s the way it is. We can help consumers get lawyers for bankruptcy, credit repair, identity theft, and we even offer debt settlement, WITH attorneys, with NO UPFRONT FEES!… except that we disclose all of the truths about settlement & we can defend a lawsuit if the client receives one! We can work with restructuring student loans & IRS tax debts. We can actually stop collection calls and sue on our clients behalf for FDCPA violations. We do NOT take everyone & anyone and push our ONE solution on them like you do. We have multiple law groups who perform different services so that we can help nearly anyone in debt.

          We help people who have debt problems! You lie to people & by the time they figure out just how awful your debt settlement program is, it’s too late. How do you sleep at night? 

          Again it’s too bad you are losing customers to our attorneys, but in the end the TRUTH always wins out. You have the right to lie all you want on the internet. Ultimately you are hurting people- but that’s the business you’re in anyway, isn’t it?

          • Ummmm…Mike, it appears you know very little about the very company you work for. Larry Diodato was the owner of E-Limidebt, a debt settlement company with so many complaints they had to shut down. But, miracle of all miracles they re-opened with the same cast and crew as The Center For Legal Justice. Right up until they got too many complaints and closed down. But wait, another miracle happens. They re-open As The August Belmont & Co.. And here you are disparaging debt settlement companies when your entire outfit of criminals are all debt settlement scumbags. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Caveat emptor. These guys are sleazy, dirtbags led by a convicted felon in Larry Diodato and an embezzling wannabe attorney in Ed Cherry. You hel knowone you idiot. You make matters worse. You are either a terrible liar or a moron. Either way, it is not a pretty existence.

          • Mike…I have some simple questions for you. How do you get paid ? If August Belmont & Co does not charge any fees, how does your company make money ? How do you come up with the “legal service fee” charged to the client ? Is it a % of the debt they owe ? Don’t you get paid a % of that fee ? Is it not true that you are commissioned based and that you get paid out on these attorney fees over several months  based on how long the customer is enrolled in the program ? If the attorney is the only one getting paid, then how does August Belmont & Co afford 30K month in leads, pay commissions, pay salaries, rent, phones etc. and where is all the money coming from allowing Larry the rat and Ed the phony attorney to live a lavish lifestyle ? Please detail for us.  

  14. These (www.theabclegal.com) are the same guys from Elimidebt, The Center for Legal Justice, Hess-Kennedy and Community One Law Center (Larry Diodato, Ed Cherry, Howard Feinmel, Evan Kagan,Paul Rogers Kennedy) . They are not too bright as they keep forming corporations under the same people over and over (look them up on http://www.sunbiz.org) The name on the door changes but the scam rolls merrilly along, and at the same address ! Are they that cocky or just plain stupid ? . Telemarketing unsuspecting consumers to sign a legal service agreement with a florida attorney who illegally fee splits with them through a creative concept, that being a paralegal service (esquire litigation support) to launder the monies right back to them. I have seen posts about one of their great attorney’s, Howard Feinmel, only to google him and see his mug shot for drunk driving and an Attorney General lawsuit in Indiana against him for taking upfront fees for foreclosure assistance. I guess none of them have read the Fl Bar opinion on fee splitting , which the Fl Bar provided us upon giving them information about this criminal enterprise. Want further verification of the fine standards of some of their other attorneys then google Evan Kagan or Paul Rogers Kennedy as well (also subjects of recent posts here). These are the worst form of scumbag as they prey on the fear and desperation of people for their own financial benefit. The only good news is that the Fl AG is all over this through their economic crimes division and the Fl Bar has been notified of the conduct of these attorneys. A class action lawsuit has been prepared and former clients who saw no benefit other than their credit destroyed, calls from creditors and judgements and lawsuits take place are being contacted to participate. They can run but they cant hide and soon will be facing the music. They will be tripping over each other to cooperate with the authorities with tears in their eyes. I, for one, cannot wait.  


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