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August Belmont & Company – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • New Article on August Belmont & Company and Larry Diodato. See https://stever39.sg-host.com/44063/larry-diodato-screaming-at-me-makes-me-want-know-more-about-august-belmont-company

      • That’s classic.  Screw over hundreds consumers, change company name twice because of too many complaints and then write a glowing press release to brag about one success story?  Care to explain the extremely high number of complaints the illegal attorney fee splitting ?

        • For the record, PR Newswire is a “pay to publish” site so this propaganda is self generated by August Belmont & Co. In addition, here is what the title co’s are saying about this:
          “I doubt very much that this kind of approach will be upheld when it is challenged,” said Alan Fields, executive director of the Florida Land Title Association. “There is a real risk the mortgage will be reinstated and the quiet title will be set aside.”
          “If a mortgage was extinguished through a full trial of the quiet title action and court order after a judge heard all of the arguments, I imagine that the underwriters would approve issuance of new policies,” she said. “What we have, ironically, is a quiet title action, which is supposed to clean up title issues, having the potential to cloud the title and create more issues.”
          Let’s see how fast August Belmont & Co publishes an article when this is overturned. BTW, why no mention of Fidelity Land Trust in their article ?

          • Nope, just someone who knows that everything Larry Diodato touches is a scam.  Do a search for: Elimidebt, Center for Legal Justice, August Belmont and Larry Diodato.  and if you still defend the scum then you are probably in his crew…..typical 

          • ok so back to my original question – are there any companies that can help reduce interest rate, etc for a property that is upside down and does not qualify for any of the HARP programs?

          • So you know this Larry Diodato then?..Former Client, former friend?…Bet you won’t say..And no, I am not “in his crew.” for whatever that means…I maybe a Client, but it seems you probably wouldn’t believe it. For anyone that writes anything positive about August Belmont & Co, people jump down their throats, including this guy whos “blog’ we r on…I would just believe you R an Atty, who “rapes” US poor homeowners by charging “US” monthly fees for a “supposed” foreclosure defense Or for a Loan modification. And do NOTHING for yrs, except STEAL from US…At least People are starting to fight BACK against the BANKS, were as YOU, IF your one of those Attys I described, DO NOTHING…   
               Or you can possibly work in a BANK, that has possibly committeed fraud against hundreds of thousands of US homeowners..

          • Mr. Guest apparently does not appreciate the fact that you do not have to know this Larry Diodato personally to know about him. A simple background check led me to find he is a convicted felon for stock fraud, was barred by the SEC and NASD, has a state tax lien/warrant in NYS against him, was a star witness in a “murder for hire” case, has had multiple civil suits filed against him in several NY courts and had  criminal/civil charges filed against him in California .He also apparently has lots of enemies who have posted some not so nice things about him and his business dealings online. He also appears to be involved with some other fellows such as Ed Cherry, Preston Sjlobom, Evan Kagan, Paul Rogers Kennedy and Howard Feinmel, all of whom have had their fair share of issues that can easily be found online as well. It is ironic that Mr. Guest posted the positive spin article published by August Belmont & Co the same day it was released yet claims he is not an associate. You can draw your own conclusions from this but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…. I know someone who was contacted by an employee of one of Larry Diodato’s prior companies, The Center For Legal Justice  . My friend became a client and after paying thousands in fees and getting no results is being forced to file bankruptcy as a result of judgements stemming from advice to not pay creditors by The Center For Legal Justice, I would warn that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  

          • You might want to do your homework on the attorney taking credit for this case, Howard Feinmel, and his legal issues with the Indiana AG ….see link http://www.in.gov/portal/news_events/files/8_24_11_State_v._Community_One_Law_Center_et_al.pdf and check the status of his prior companies with the BBB, National Law Partners (BBB alert) and Community One Law Center (BBB alert and “F” rating). You can change the name on the door but you cannot hide from who and what you really are. If you believe for a second that Larry Diodato is fighting for the common man then I have a bridge I want to sell you. They are not Robin Hood as much as they would like you to believe that. They take from the poor (and desparate) to give to themselves.

          • What am I missing here?  I have a simple question and not looking to  continue to hear about Larry D.  Is there any Florida companies that can help with reducing interest rates, etc.  I am current on my mortgage but completely upside down.

      • Apparently Howard Feinmel, attorney for August Belmont & Co and Fidelity Land Trust is under investigation by the Florida Bar for his mounting quiet title cases. Here is a quote from the Palm Beach Post articel published today in response to the self published article August Belmont & Co wrote about some preacher getting his mortgage cancelled.

        “A press release issued Tuesday by one of the trust referral companies says Boca Raton attorney Howard Feinmel, who is under a Florida Bar investigation for issues relating to quiet title lawsuits, won a judgment in November that canceled a mortgage. It was a default judgment, typically awarded when the defendant fails to respond within 20 to 30 days and can be reopened if there are legitimate reasons for missing the deadline”

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