I lost my complete savings to Kramer & Kaslow Scam

I have been scammed from this law firm ( Kramer & Kaslow )

I had not even sign up nor had I received the retensions agreement.

We were just at the point where he had received the money.

The place was shut down the following week and then it was over.

I get very little answers. I filed a complaint tot he state Bar and put in a application for reimbursement.

I was told by an attonrey here in Minnesota that he is again practicing again and got his licenson back. Is this true? Do yo have any suggestions as to what I should do here.

It was allot of money to me what I lost $8,000.00 it was my complete savings and I will be put out of my home any day now and no where to turn or go. I would so appreciate any suggestions or help. My health is declining even more from all of this and I’m older.


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  1. Hi Mercy,

    When did you file the complaint with the bar in CA? Did you get any response to your reimbursement request, and if so, what was said?

    I know the firm is in receivership and that things are simply at a stage of some type of orderly wind down (never orderly for those, like you, who put their trust in someone to do something that you needed to work the way it was represented), but it could be some time before any funds get reimbursed – if funds are returned to you at all.

    I know it has been since Aug 2011 when the Kramer offices had all their
    client files seized. What have you been doing to help your home
    situation since then? Have you spoken with any housing counselors in
    order to determine if there are programs you qualify for today? The local attorney in MN you reference, is that your attorney? Are you
    now, or have you looked into filing bankruptcy as a strategy for keeping
    your home? What is your homes value compared to what you owe?

    If you have specific concerns about how your loan/foreclosure/attempts to modify went down, I encourage you to file your concerns using the mortgage complaint form on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Go here for the complaint:  https://help.consumerfinance.gov/app/mortgage/ask

    The CFPB also provides a method for you to tell your story. This is a way for you to talk about what happened in a way that differs from the complaint you file. Here is where you can tell your story: https://help.consumerfinance.gov/app/tellyourstory


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