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Student Loan Debt – No Hope for Future

My name is David and I am in severe student loan debt. I have been paying on my student loans and can afford the payments right now, but feel no hope for the future. I have a good job in a good profession, but feel like I can’t get married, buy a house, or have kids if things don’t change. I’m 30 years old and would like to do those things but don’t know what to do. I’m often very depressed and want to drink to forget about these problems. My student loan payment is $1,000 a month. I have to live at my parents house because of this and my girlfriend is struggling because of me.

The loans are all from private loans and aren’t government backed or anything. None of the programs the government offers are relevant to me. Does anyone know of anything that can help me? I feel completely hopeless. Thanks for any help.


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  • Inickels19

    I am in the similar situation.  I have called the companies that hold my loans and they said their is little they can do. I was put on a payment plan for a year but once the year is up, I will have to pay the full payment amount.  I figure there is little hope unless the laws are change to allow to Students Loans to part of bankruptcy.

  • Sheilaballen

    There is always hope. My advise would be to talk with you lenders to see if you can get smalleer payments. Also, if you are not a member of a credit union, join one and talk with them about consolidating your loans for one payment with a smaller downpayment. Dont give up, be glad you have your parents that you can staay with, most people dont have that option.    

  • Cody

    Hey, hang in there David.  Your true love will understand and work with you.  Good luck.

  • Anonymous


    I understand your frustration and your dismay. I too was in a similar situation. I had missed payments for months. But I finally got up the nerve and called the lender and explained my situation and that I was unable to pay now……..they put me on temporary forbearance for 6 months….this allowed me to get my financial house in order……I also asked them to lower my monthly payments (extended the repayment time though!) I am now making monthly payments again and shortly plan to add to this payment to pay off sooner…..also consider looking at…..maybe you could get financing at a lower rate……at least a start.

    good Luck!

  • Msullivan


    There probably isn’t a lot you can do about the loan or loan payment but you should be concerned about feeling so depressed about the issue.  Rather than focusing entirely on the student loan debt, I’d suggest you start by visiting a counselor or therapist. If your health insurance doesn’t provide coverage this service, call the United Way and ask for a referral.

    Money woes are almost universal and it is good to seek assistance, but don’t confuse money with leading a full and satisfying life. You obviously have a supportive family and a girlfriend and you will get past the student loan issue. You will likely increase your income. Inflation will gradually reduce the impact of the student loan payment. Hang in there and life will get better.

    Good luck!

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