How can I obtain my degree if I owe my college?

I recently graduated from college but my school say that I owe them money. But what I can’t understand is that I ordered cap and gown walk the stage and everything if I owed them how could I possibly do those things. then I recieve information from my school stating I owe them that I owe them 14,000 and I can not recieve my BBA degree until the amount is paid in full. I’m very confused please help.


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2 thoughts on “How can I obtain my degree if I owe my college?”

  1. Just keep your focus, did you read the information on paper or was it digital.

    The stuff they give when you start school.

    Think postive. 

  2. Maybe it is a mistake did you check with your financial aid counselor and or the leader of the school.

    You can pull though, you can do it just keep a smooth mind and calm head through this tough time.


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