MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD – Consumer Complaint – 1-29-2012

Date This Problem Happened: November 18, 2011

State You Live in: Missouri

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $225

Company Name: MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD

Company Address: Asia

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: GM4S.com

Consumer Statement:

Well, I was looking into buying some virtual goods for a game called RuneScape. Knowing that most websites that sell these goods do it through the means of gold farming I thought I could get a good deal on some virtual gold. I set up a paypal account and bought USD $225 worth of gold. The website guaranteed delivery in 10 minutes or less. I certainly did not get the gold even within an hour. I went to their website and opened their chat system and began talking to one of their employees. After many hours of trying and them saying the supplier is offline I figured I would give it another shot tomorrow. (I had already paid at this time but had a secure net around me through paypal). I did try the next day and got the same result; I figured I would give it one more try again before opening a dispute with paypal against the company. I did and got nowhere; so, I opened a dispute and the gold selling website responded quickly saying they had my gold ready for me. I went online to the game and they essentially dangled the gold they owed me in front of my face and said they would not give it to me until I closed the dispute with paypal. I knew they may have been up to something so I said no and waited and waited and waited and got no budging. At this point I was sick of waiting and stupidly closed the dispute without getting my payment of gold. After that they never replied to my emails or paypal’s requests to refund me or give me what I paid for. I was indeed scammed out of $225 USD. I feel really stupid and would like to get my money back somehow but it doesn’t appear the website even exists anymore. To my knowledge, this company is based in China.

Consumer Action Taken:

I did have some video footage of this situation but lost it from a computer crash. (I had a bad stick of R.A.M. in my computer and would frequently get BSOD)

Transaction Details

Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #X)

Original Transaction
Date Type Status Details Amount
Nov 18, 2011 Payment To MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD Completed … -$225.00 USD

Related Transaction
Date Type Status Details Amount
Nov 18, 2011 Charge From Debit Card CompletedYour transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete.Your transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete. Details $225.00 USD

Business Name:
MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)
Email: ufogoldsbank@gmail.com
Payment Sent to:ufogoldsbank@gmail.com

Total amount: -$225.00 USD
Fee amount: $0.00 USD
Net amount: -$225.00 USD

Item amount: $225.00 USD
Sales Tax: $0.00 USD
Shipping: $0.00 USD
Handling: $0.00 USD
Quantity: 1

Item Title:
OrderNo.:20111118106623 RS Gold RS Gold(Mil) 500 Mil 225.00 Character Name: T R A N CE D from www.golds4rs.com ufogoldsbank@gmail.com : T R A N CE D:
Item Number: 20111118106623
Invoice ID: 20111118106623
Date: Nov 18, 2011
Time: 12:08:00 PST
Status: Completed

Shipping Address: X

United States Confirmed

Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL: http://www.GM4S.com
Customer Service Email: ufogoldsbank@gmail.com

Funding Type: Debit Card
Funding Source: $225.00 USD – ATM Debit XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX13

This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL *GAMESITEINT”.

Description: MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD

I tried going to my bank to see if they could help me with this but since it was a debt card I was SOOL. If you guys could help me get my money back I would be forever grateful.

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5 thoughts on “MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD – Consumer Complaint – 1-29-2012”

  1. dude http://www.cheaprs2gold.com did the same thing to me does (angelababy sound familiar?) well they scammed me out of 1250.00 i didnt know what to do.. they always say im checking your order please wait so i did.. guess what i opened a disputed with paypall that didnt work.. my parents got me a lawyer (google search him, Jeffery hensley, law offices of hensley and chaflant)  he amazing!! any ways we called the F.B.I and the BBB and they are looking for them as we speak,, if you guys want i can shot you the Agents number and you guys should join the lawsuit.. 

    i will get my money back!!! my dad makes 1.2m a year that fuckin company is going down

  2. I wish I saw this website before I just purchased $97.50 worth. I have everything including my purchase order and everything right here right now and I want to either sue or get my money back from them. Someone please call me to help get your money back, my number is 727-483-4803.

  3. the same thing happened to me though i did not start with nearly that much cash. but yeah they gave me the run around and said the same thing every time. and some how my paypal dispute got closed within 10 days and I did not authorize that not sure what to do ether. 


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