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Help Urgently Needed for My Father in Pakistan

Hello My name is Zohair and My dad Works in The field of Shipping and Custom Clearance And These past 5 months he’s been In huge Debt of about 7,000 dollars Due to non payment to his clients his Job extends to Deals with China And Now He’s in this much trouble that some guys came to our house Asking for payment but the fact is due to non payment situation got worse And they sorta blocked everythin from my father like they stopped working with him And now he’s jobless and he’s trying as hard as he can To Arrange the money And i have 2 brothers and sisters To take care of my Self i wanna be a BBA Bachelors in Business administration Majors in accounting And My dream is That i live and study in America But unfortunately I had to Drop outta school cuz of his debt And Now I really don’t know what to do we used to live in Kuwait But The House rents and other expenses were unaffordable to Him So we had to move to Pakistan And now I really don’t know what on Earth should i do Im really worried so Please Help me Out I’ll even Beg for help Right now..


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  • Alfred

    Hi Zohair,  That sounds awful, but your father and your family can get through this tough situation.
    Your father’s creditors want money, so it’s in their interest if he’s working and paying some money to them.  I recommend that he go to the people he owes money and gives them a realistic timetable of repayment if they allow him to continue to do business with them.  Also your whole family must use the community networks you have to find additional business contacts, and see if any trustworthy people you know are able to lend him just a small amount of money as an initial payment to your father’s creditors.
    Be sure to use barter whenever possible and your willingness to work.  You speak English, maybe someone would like to be taught or tutored for a reasonable fee, for example.
    Make sure you encourage your father, and help keep his spirits up, remind him of his strengths.
    I hope things work out well,

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