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Can I Be Imprisoned Due to Unsettled Credit Card Debts? – Maui

Hi Steve!

I’m a single mom of two residing in the Philippines. My problem is with my credit card. Before, I can say that I have enough money to settle my debts. Apparently I resigned from my work due to some reasons. Now though I have work but it’s still not enough to accommodate my basic needs. Now my dilemma is with my credit card.

My mom earlier received a call from our baranggay that I have a subpoena and warrant of arrest that will be given to me tommorow. They live with a contact number for me to negotiate any settlement. I was able to talked to some Major of Philippine Police telling me that my case was already filed in out Regional Trial Court in Quezon City which is very far from my place.

He have me a contact number of an attorney handling my case. I haggled for a settlement. He obliged me to pay Php 10,000 which is half of what I settle (*still much lower that my dues since it incur legal fess, charges,penalties,etc).I was able to pay the amount in fear that I will be jailed that would give me more problems in the future.

Now question is this, would be a non payment of credit card translate into a estafa case in the Philippines? I was able to look into websites that telling me that those were just ways of the collecting company to get any payment from me.

What will happen if i wont be able to pay the other half Php 10,000 which will due on Feb.29? What if I will just ignore the notice, what will happen to me?
Hope to hear your response.

Many Thanks and God Bless.


Dear Maui,

If you lived in Dubai I’d say yes. But in all of my years of helping people with debt problems I’ve never heard of a case in the Philippines that ended in being jailed as you describe.

I would suggest you contact a local attorney near you and seek their advice on this legal matter. The cost of the attorney will most likely be small compared to making a very expensive mistake or falling victim of untrue collection tactics.

After you talk to a local attorney about this please come back and post a follow-up message to me in the comments section below.

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  • cocoy

    Hi Steve,

    I wanna know if you’ve ever heard someone from the Philippines put to imprisonment due to non-payment of personal loan from a bank. Collections said it may be subject to imprisonment due to violation of RA 8484. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Steve Rhode

      Imprisoned in the Philippines or in another country?

      • cocoy

        imprisoned in the Philippines.

      • Steve Rhode

        Not that I’m aware of.

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