Can I Get Out of Debt Being Bipolar, Suicidal, Mentally Ill and on Disability? – David

I have a mental illness. I had mental illness all my life. In fact, in 2008 I wrote a suicide email and emailed it to local news station.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder and ADHD.

In 2010, I borrowed a lot of money to remodel the house. The first mortgage on mom’s house was paid off.I got talked into doing more and more for the house.

In fall of 2010, I got laid off from work, it was due to could not concentrate, could not stay on task, and too much time off. I had gotten worse. I was in the hospital about 6 times.

The sheriff department came out to house because of my suicide threats. When I went to the vocational rehabilitation service a year ago, I was told I was unstable. I went through the approval process of disability fairly quick . It took me about 3 months to get approved.

I had a roommate /Power of Attorney that took advantage of me. He influenced me (one that has been unstable) to buy for him. I was easily influenced. For someone that has had “issues” all my life, no treatment most my life, easily influenced, affected schooling, affected me getting laid off, My point is my mental illness has affected my entire life, my school. my work, my relationships with people and the ability to always make good decisions.

A part of bipolar is over spending, being easily influenced ,mood swings, and …how can getting a loan be not part of mental illness when i had such a history? With my history and being unstable and being paranoid , could not my debt be caused by my mental illness? If so , how could I get loan discharged?


Dear David,

You are absolutely right. It is a common problem of debt being run up during the manic phases of a bipolar swing. I’ve seen it happen many times over the years.

I’m not exactly clear on what loan you are asking if it is able to be eliminated. Can you clarify that for me please?

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From your question I am assuming you also have some amount of credit card or installment debt from being influenced to make purchases for others. Again, a common symptom and side-effect of bipolar issues.

Let me know how much debt you have and what kind of debt it is by posting your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Also, is your previous mental illness under control now and are you under the care of a mental health professional or doctor at this time?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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15 thoughts on “Can I Get Out of Debt Being Bipolar, Suicidal, Mentally Ill and on Disability? – David”

  1. People like you claimed you would help, then drove me $14,000 in debt and used medication and doctor visits to punish me when i rebelled. to quote a relative “My friend racked up way more debt than you but she went to a doctor and she prescribed her meds, and now she feels fine. Well I went to a doctor and they game me lamictol. Know what that causes? Serotonin syndrome. I punched the walls till my hands bled. i split open my own skull. I shivered, i puked and clawed at the walls. This is year number 8. Still $13,000 in debt. And i still hate everyone.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I know all about suicide as my brother committed suicide and five of my cousins also committed suicide. I have Bipolar Disorder and yes suicide has crossed my mind before but it is not an option for me.
    I think you should remove Jim’s post as it can be very scary for someone who is suicidal to read that rot and could push someone over the edge. It is a very negative post and really does not have any merit. I’ve gotten myself out of debt and I don’t have anyone following me around or keeping tabs on me. What he says is pointless!

    • Rather focus on what Jim said, which some people believe, I think you adding an informative alternate point of view helps people who might feel like Jim. It sounds as if you’ve had a traumatic relationship with suicide. Maybe you can explain to Jim how suicide impacts the people around them and help to change his mind.

  3. Jim what is wrong with you? You are advocating suicide for a person that is In debt and has a mental illness. You are the sick one and I have no idea why your post continues to be on this site. You’re a menace!

    • I think Jim has an incorrect point of view when it comes to suicide. Your different point of view helps people to see another side of the issue. You see opportunity for a better future, Jim doesn’t.

      Ultimately there is no perfectly right answer for each person. I never condone suicide but I can appreciate how someone may find themselves in a position that is so painful that they may feel suicide is a good solution.

      I know someone who killed themselves last year and their death has torn the lives of their surviving loved ones apart. I don’t think this person ever considered how it would tear down the lives of those around them.

      My advice to people is to reach out for help, find a friend, take some positive actions, and lean on someone you love. There are people who care.

  4. For the mentally ill suicide is the answer. There is no agency that will assist you. Your debts will not be written off. You will be hounded until you die. Even the act of seeking out mental health care can ruin anyone. A single doctor visit could end up ruining your finances for the rest of your life.

    • Why is this comment allowed to stay up? It is 100% not true as I have had severe mental health issues my whole life (including suicidal ideation) and mental health care and medication are the only things that saved my life. Don’t give up. I had to try a few meds and therapists before I found a fit for me but I can think clearly and process life better than when I’m on my own.

  5. I am 41 and have been symptomatic since childhood. I was formally diagnosed in my early 20s. Over the years I have been on Lithium, Seroquel, Effexor, Prozac, Zyprexa, Citalopram, and more. At this time on the med carousel, I am currently on Respiridol, yet I am still suicidal and helpless to the deep surges and psychotic waves of dperession, anxiety, mania, etc. I am too sick to work (never could hold a job), I have no savings or assets, and I am too much in debt to recieve any loans. Also, I am in the midst of a divorce with three children, and I cannot pay the court ordered child support. I filed for disability, but from what I understand that is basically a crap shoot. Even if I do get approved for it, the child support payments will prevent me from affording rent, food, or utilities. My only way out is to get well, get a job and get money, but that is not going to happen. This situation can’t possibly have any kind of good or happy ending.

    • Ben,

      I sincerely hope you can find a way clear to a resolution of your hurdles. Put dealing with the debt at the bottom of the list. That’s probably the easiest hurdle to deal with given your list.

  6. I have 6k in debt that I got into before actually realizing that I was bipolar. I got the diagnosis a few days ago and started taking medication a few days ago. I am hurting to bad. The sad part about this is that I just had a ch.7 bankruptcy discharged 5 months ago ! So that means no credit consolidation, no nothing. My credit scores are in the mid 500’s and absolutely NOBODY will give me a loan . I have tried multiple sites. Being in financial disarray is only CONTRIBUTING to my depression that I have ( it all started 2 years ago after a divorce with two small children ). I miss my kids sooo much. Is there anyone or anything I can do to pay off this debt ? I cannot pay the debt and continue to survive. I am PENNILESS ! I live paycheck to paycheck. If I keep paying my credit cards and all my other debt, I will not have enough to pay my rent. In other words, I am screwed. Please, by the grace of God…will someone PLEASE help me

    • If I read your comment correctly it seems you received a discharge and found yourself back in debt again as a secondary issue to being bipolar. Is that correct? How much and what kind of debt do you have now?

  7. I have a question my cousin is mentally ill and her husband recently died leaving her with his debts. She signed on some of the accounts as a joint holder, however did not understand what she was signing, due to her illness. The creditors are now coming after her, what does she need to do so that she would not be held liable. Thanks.

  8. I have 38,000 in debt due to bi-polar spending.  I am now on Disability.  How do i eliminate the debt?  Will my son inherate the debt?


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