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Can I Get Out of Debt Being Bipolar, Suicidal, Mentally Ill and on Disability? – David

I have a mental illness. I had mental illness all my life. In fact, in 2008 I wrote a suicide email and emailed it to local news station.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder and ADHD.

In 2010, I borrowed a lot of money to remodel the house. The first mortgage on mom’s house was paid off.I got talked into doing more and more for the house.

In fall of 2010, I got laid off from work, it was due to could not concentrate, could not stay on task, and too much time off. I had gotten worse. I was in the hospital about 6 times.

The sheriff department came out to house because of my suicide threats. When I went to the vocational rehabilitation service a year ago, I was told I was unstable. I went through the approval process of disability fairly quick . It took me about 3 months to get approved.

I had a roommate /Power of Attorney that took advantage of me. He influenced me (one that has been unstable) to buy for him. I was easily influenced. For someone that has had “issues” all my life, no treatment most my life, easily influenced, affected schooling, affected me getting laid off, My point is my mental illness has affected my entire life, my school. my work, my relationships with people and the ability to always make good decisions.

A part of bipolar is over spending, being easily influenced ,mood swings, and …how can getting a loan be not part of mental illness when i had such a history? With my history and being unstable and being paranoid , could not my debt be caused by my mental illness? If so , how could I get loan discharged?


Dear David,

You are absolutely right. It is a common problem of debt being run up during the manic phases of a bipolar swing. I’ve seen it happen many times over the years.

I’m not exactly clear on what loan you are asking if it is able to be eliminated. Can you clarify that for me please?

From your question I am assuming you also have some amount of credit card or installment debt from being influenced to make purchases for others. Again, a common symptom and side-effect of bipolar issues.

Let me know how much debt you have and what kind of debt it is by posting your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Also, is your previous mental illness under control now and are you under the care of a mental health professional or doctor at this time?

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  • Denise

    I have a question my cousin is mentally ill and her husband recently died leaving her with his debts. She signed on some of the accounts as a joint holder, however did not understand what she was signing, due to her illness. The creditors are now coming after her, what does she need to do so that she would not be held liable. Thanks.

    • Steve Rhode

      She needs to meet with a local bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. I would make sure you go with her to the appointment. You can find an attorney at

  • Gravesleeanne

    I have 38,000 in debt due to bi-polar spending.  I am now on Disability.  How do i eliminate the debt?  Will my son inherate the debt?

    • Steve Rhode

      Your son will not inherit the debt. You may want to talk t a local bankruptcy attorney to discharge the debt so you can focus on life.

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