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Freedom Debt Relief – Freedom Financial – Consumer Complaint – 2-1-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: January 31, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,000

Company Name: Freedom Debt Relief – Freedom Financial

Company Address:

4940 Wendler Drive
Suite 101
Tempe, Arizona 85282

Company Telephone Number: 800-655-6303

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I am dealing with a company by the name of Freedom Financial. I have been in a debt re-payment program for over 30 months. I am 97% of the way through the program and it has more-or-less worked for me. Now that I am completing my goals, I have asked for a reduction in my monthly draft. I am being refused.

There are three areas I feel I am being totally scammed in, to date:

The first: One of my creditors has been paid and post-settlement, it appears, the creditor has “sold” my settled account to yet another collection agency and they have turned to Freedom to re-collect a new amount, complete with their fees and interest. I have been told: “You have to settle for this amount” There has been no credit for anything I have paid in the past, nothing has been applied from the old “owners.” I have kept all of the settlement papers (faxes to Freedom). This has been ongoing since inception of the “sale&quo t; (from GE Money/Banana Republic to creditor to creditor). Freedom does NOT care.

Second: Draft amount reduction. They don’t care. 97% settled and they still want $600 in the “kitty.” I haven’t worked for nearly a year, but the draft still has gone to my account, a substantial amount sits in their account to pay my negotiated creditors and nearly every account is settled or cleared or deemed struck from existence. Having talked to yet another account representative, I took off two insignificant accounts and brought my accounts to 100% settled. Freedom, in turn, sent me a form telling me they had reduced my draft to $501 monthly. I didn’t agree to this (although their email to me told me I had four (4) days to fax the signed form back to them or the new draft amount would be null and void. I keep explaining I DO NOT have this money for them to withdraw from my account and do not want to jeapordize the existing structured settlement (Bank of America). These are the terms of that settlement: $2840 (Bank of America). Payments began in July @ $237.41 monthly ending in June of 2012. I have in my account $1,100. I had an additional account “SETTLE” this past week, for what I believed to be $306 (MACY’S) and asked the account representative to SETTLE IN FULL (the money was in my account) and to “make it go away…I’m done with Freedom”). This would leave approximately $900 in my account to pay to Bank of America. I believe Freedom Financial is deliberately putting my structured settlement in danger of failure in order for them to gain financially (kick-back?) on the money I have all ready paid to Bank of America. I have deferred February’s payment (financial reasons), but for me to have to financially burden myself with a $501 payment for them to draw interest on, when there is no reason ($237.41 monthly to BofA), puzzles me and makes me further think there is something serio usly wrong with this entity. To endanger my settlement will bring my obligation back to the $9,000 I originaly owed them and Freedom Financial will walk away with nearly $3,000 of my hard-earned money because this is what it cost me before they even began negotiating anything with my creditors.

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By the way, the Macy’s account was settled for $506, through and including payments that will continue through 2013 (2013?????). What?

Scam. Total scam. I need an attorney. Do you have one for me?

Consumer Action Taken:

I have called and spent hours on the phone with these people with no luck.

They know about the problem with the two accounts (one paid and the other demand for payment). Please ask them to refer to the email “chain” to/from/Theresa Irwin/Chuck/Chen. I will demand the GE Money/Banana Republic Account to be fully resolved. If this is not the case, TWO structured payments in the amount of $181,49, plus interest be refunded to my account accordingly from September and October 2009.

I have requested the amount of the draft be lowered to $237.41 and the amounts to be paid to Bank of America, as I agreed, as and until this account is paid in full June of 2012. This account is to remain valid and Freedom Financial is to quit with the monkey business. Quit with underlying harrassment. Quit. I am unemployed, not destitute.

Macy’s Account – the account was to have settled, in full, in the amount of $306.00. Not $506, as indicated on my client profile. The recorded phone call will reveal a lot. Freedom Financial does this for a reason (to protect their callers). I did not authorize the settlement to drag on for a year as indicated in this written profile.

My profile reflects sufficient funds to complete the business between us. I do not authorize future drafts in excess of $237.41 from my bank account.

I do not have copies of my contract that can attached to this document (I have a re-built computer and those do not seem to be available). My account number with Freedom Financial is ALW842228 and by this email, you have permission to discuss this problem with

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  • The platform is for those who want to understand what happens to their finances. This is not a cryptocurrency when you go nuts about literally every dollar. Qualitative analytical reports make the work simple and allow to understand the process.

  • I have noticed that my experience wasn’t a lucky incident. Some acquaintances of mine that work with “Freedom” are getting IPO, and are satisfied. Very smooth and clear.

  • I often withdraw money to a card, and there has never been a problem with that. The only problem can be caused by a banking system withholding the money. But I cannot say anything negative about “Freedom”, as I have only had a positive experience of working with them.

  • We
    appreciate your notifying us of the information you’ve posted on your website
    regarding our client. 

    review of our records shows that this posting concerns a matter that has
    already been resolved.   In fact, the client was so satisfied with the
    resolution that she remained a client and, happily, is now nearing her final
    payment on the last debt enrolled with us.

    take great pride satisfying our clients and we’re glad that, once again, our
    team was able to deliver the result our client desired.  We employ over
    500 debt relief professionals at our offices in California and Arizona, and we
    strongly believe that the service they provide is the reason why we’ve
    successfully settled over 1.5 billion dollars in debts for our clients.


    Best Regards,


    Jason Wolpe

    Vice President of
    Customer Service

    • What about the 5,000 of us in NY

      NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T.
      Schneiderman today announced a major settlement that will refund money to more
      than 5,000 New Yorkers across the state who were defrauded by a deceptive and
      harmful debt settlement company. Freedom Debt Relief, one of the country’s
      largest debt settlement companies, misled debt-saddled consumers about the
      amount of money they would save and the services it would provide, while
      reaping large profits in up-front fees. As part of the settlement, Freedom Debt
      Relief will pay $1.1 million to refund former customers, offer current
      customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds if they withdraw from the
      program, and pay $100,000 in penalties to the state. The agreement is available

    • Another Family scammed by Freedom Debt Relief maybe this is what they will be covering at their conference

      Hulse found herself in frightening, unfamiliar territory. She’d left her job to care for her husband, Dale. Medical bills from all over the place – hospitals in Wenatchee, Spokane and Tulsa – were piling up. She’d found herself using credit cards to live and to cover co-pays. Her mother developed health problems and moved in with her. One night, watching television in her Ephrata home, she saw an ad for Freedom Debt Relief. The ad promised that the company would help her get her financial life in order, settle her debts, get back on her feet.

      • I am the customer Jason Wolpe, VP of FDR, spoke about in February regarding satisfactory resolution of a valid and serious complaint I had with their program.  It took several days of emails, letters and calls to resolve the difficulties with the program, but I was nearing the end of several months of serious debt and did not want to see my thousands of dollars fail for me.  Their team did manage to see that I was serious in my endeavors to (1) complete the program and (2) make this expensive program work for me.  Debt relief is serious, costly and time-consuming and I investigated many entities prior to choosing FDR.  Every company has its faults, but FDR still has a good reputation compared to others out there.  I have found over the time I have dealt with FDR, some of the representatives are not as educated in their positions and representing my interests as I would have wanted them to be.  This caused more frustration to the growing problems with my account and whenever I tried to explain a situation with a rep when calling, for instance (training classes?  I am assured, they are well-trained).  When management finally did step in, my account problems finally started to progress (mistakes recovered, etc.).  I developed a cordial and friendly phone rapport with two stellar members of FDR’s executive board – Jason Wolpe and Brent Rickles – both of whom took their time to get to know me and know my case/account.  This won’t happen with everyone.  State your case – privately (it is better/don’t air grievances than on the internet).  Write your letters/emails directly to FDR.  Keep solid records (what I call a “paper-trail”) and keep moving forward with the account – you have paid considerable funds to join FDR in your pursuit to clean up your accounts and they are trying to help.  I am almost at the end of my relationship with these folks.  I still recommend them as an alternative to bankruptcy. 

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