US Loan Aid – Consumer Complaint – 2-1-2012

Date This Problem Happened: May 6, 2010

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,329

Company Name: US Loan Aid

Company Address:

2182 El Camino Real
Suite 202
Oceanside, CA 92054

Company Telephone Number: 888-700-8124

Website of Company: usloanaid.com

Consumer Statement:

Over the course of 17 months this outfit collected monthly payments of $184.54 with the first amount of $376.62 totaling $3329.26 for which they did exactly nothing. When I was served with legal suit papers by Capitol One I contacted US Loan Aid only then to find out that they were not going to help me in this situation. I asked them for a refund and was offered a partial refund based on incorrect payments as a “full refund” accompanied by a $376.61 first payment check to be followed monthly by $376.61 checks, which were never received. When confronted, they later reneged on the entire refund agreement. In the mean time, Capitol One has secured a judgement against me and is placing a lien on my home.

Consumer Action Taken:

I made several phone calls to US Loan Aid, most of which were routed to their voicemail where I left detailed messages, As a last resort I faxed them to which no response was received.


The Myvesta Foundation sent a letter to the company at the address given or found and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

Update 2-16-2012

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