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Thom Fox Offers Up Some Free Online Tools to Master Your Money

A new video out of Cambridge Credit Counseling provides some good information on where you can find free tools online to manage your money.

One site Thom Fox didn’t mention in the video was ReadyForZero.com, which I love as a tool to help people reduce their debt.

As Thom says, “Your budget — and your financial goals — don’t have to live on paper anymore; you can use your computer and the power of the internet to create an effective Spending Plan that works for you. There are a number of interactive websites that will help you track your spending, adjust your budget to accomplish specific goals, and best of all, show you how to make your money grow.”

The video introduced me to Planwise.com, which I was unfamiliar with. Interesting online service that let’s you to anonymously use their online tool to plan for big purchases.


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