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Storage Charges After Repossession in Mass.

My car was repossessed 5 January 2012. It took me a few weeks but I finally paid-off the loan, thank God. Now I just have to pay the storage yard that has my car. They’re demanding about $1000! Every day I don’t pay it goes up $35!

Is there a maximum they can charge in Massachusetts? I’ve found that the tow company/loan company/repossession company have violated the law in a few other ways and I suspect that this is another example.

I found that the Commonwealth regulates the daily charge ($35) but have been unable to find if there is a maximum storage charge.

Talk about a catch 22.


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  • Muggens_lp

    I have found that sometimes talking to someone in charge at the company can bring down the balance. They tend to want to get paid. You may even be able to work out a payment plan. Best thing to do is to be calm  and rational, it does no good to get upset with them.

    • Alfred

       Thanks for the tip.
      I found that this place was pretty happy w/me racking up the charges, they even mentioned the possibility of the car being auctioned-off to cover what they claimed I owed them.  They also tried to get me to sign a form that said I gave up all right to sue.  Needless to say I did not sign that form.

      I will say though, that when I finally picked-up the car I found that there was a young women about 20 working the yard & the place was totally unguarded; if I wanted I could have just got in my car & driven away without paying the $1200 bill.  Strange.

  • Mlynch

    Hello Alfred, You are correct in that the daily charge should be limited to $35, but the MA Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division confirms that there is no cap – adding only that the fee “must be reasonable.” You can file a complaint with them online or by calling 617-727-8400. They would also be willing to mediate with the storage lot operator, and a call from the AG’s office may, by itself, be enough to bring down the fee.

    • Alfred

       Thanks for that info.  I ended-up paying what they demanded, it just took a few days to raise the cash.

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