Should I file bankruptcy or hire a financial advisor?

I am not feeling very confident about filing bankruptcy. Since we are both back to work, the plan it has gone from ch 7 to ch 13 (way more expensive) and the attorney’s plan is:

“proposing a plan payment of $700/month (10% dividend to unsecureds) and you guys putting the excess of your disposable income over that amount into a bank account that you pay to the trustee at the end of each year. One advantage of this approach is that extraordinary expenses will be funded. The biggest disadvantage is that you’ll probably be tempted to spend on things you shouldn’t.

I don’t know if the trustee will go along with this, but it’s the only thing I can think of that’s likely to work for you guys.”

We have 2 liens on the house which is going to cost even more in fees, I’m thinking I could negotiate a better deal directly with the creditors than this ‘plan’. Help, I am so confused.


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