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How Can I Get My UAE Bank to Give Me More Time to Settle My Debts? – Sahil

I have a personal loan from a bank and credit cards from two different banks.

All the payments are due for the last couple of months due to my change in job.

I am still in UAE and the bank is following me to pay the due amount.

I need another month to settle the dues. Please advise me how I can convince the bank that I will be starting the payment from next month onwards?

How can I find out whether the bank has imposed any travel ban for me? If there is any option online to check the travel ban status.


Dear Sahil,

You may want to read the article Citizens’ Debt Settlement Fund Pays to Settle Debts of Citizens in UAE and see if this program would apply to your situation. It is a new program so it is unclear who may be eligible for the fund. In addition the police in Dubai have a program to facilitate settlement as well.

If you want to check on a travel ban but do not want to contact the police yourself you may want to ask a local attorney to check for you.

The best approach to dealing with the bank is to stay in constant communications with them and if you make any promises to get them information or start a payment plan, make sure you meet those deadlines.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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