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Did The IRS “Forget” to Debit my Bank Account?


In February 2011 we were notified by the IRS that we owed over 4,000.00 on our 2010 taxes due to an error on our part. We set up a monthly payment plan (125.00/mo), set to come out on the 21st of the month. I believe it wasn’t until June of 2011 that they actually started debiting our bank account every month. Until January 2012, there were no problems – it came out like clockwork on the 21st or the next business day if it was on a weekend. January 21 comes and goes – no debit from the IRS. It’s now February 16 and we’ve received no notice in the mail or any phone calls from them as to anything wrong. I’m racking my brains to think why they skipped last month. Obviously it’s far from being paid off. There was money in the bank – there were no overdrafts or fees on the account. I’m sure I’ll need to call them, but I dread doing so during the height of tax season. Any ideas or thoughts on this issue?


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  • JamesG

    Chances are it should come out normally for February 21st.  Every January the system seems to hiccup and not pull the payment and I’m not sure why but I’ve talked to them and they have commented that it’s system updates or whatever.

  • Muggens_lp

    If business were run like the government they wouldn’t be in business anymore. It is a joke.

  • AlwaysOwen

    I had the same issue and so I called. They said they were making updates to their system and many (or all) people did not have their debits taken out. Unfortunately they told me there was nothing that could be done and that the daily interest will still accrue and I will be required to pay it. I don’t think that sounds fair!

    • Steve Rhode

      Did they give you the option to send in a payment in the interim to avoid the additional interest?

      • AlwaysOwen

        No. They did not even notify me that it happened. I had owed about $1k and setup a payment plan last year. When the January payment did not go through I figured I was all paid off, but when I saw the debit start up in February I called to verify. Apparently it is my fault that their system wasn’t working…

  • Edna

    The IRS didn’t debit out of my checking account on 1/21/2012 either. They did however take 2/21/2012. I never got a notice from the IRS either.

  • Jim at


    Call the IRS and ask why it was not taken out immediately.  If you have a direct debit agreement set up, the payment should have been drafted out.  Note:  it usually takes two missed payments for the IRS to default your agreement- this is obviously an error they made- make sure it does not default your agreement.  If you do default, the IRS will try to charge you a fee to “reinstate” your agreement (I believe it is now $43) – remind them that it is their error and for the fee not to apply.  However, do so quickly.

    • Steve Rhode

      Jim is the IRS expert in my book. I’d do whatever he suggests.


    • Todd

      Thanks, Jim.  I shall.  As an update – they did debit my account yesterday 2/21/12.

  • Msullivan


    The IRS makes many, many mistakes and they probably just lost you. Unfortunately, they will likely find you again and when they do they will make you pay for their mistake. Do not wait. Contact them immediately and keep a record of every contact. It is always better to deal with the IRS in writing but really you have very limited rights anyway so just contact them and beg them to forgive you for their mistake and get back on that payment plan!

    Good Luck!

    • Todd

       So true.  I’ll have to overcome my natural tendency to procrastinate and talk to them asap before it gets any worse.  Thanks for the input!

      • Steve Rhode

        They are honestly very helpful when you are proactive. If you want friendly, call now. If you want the other side, procrastinate.

    • Steve Rhode

      Good advice.

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