Golden Financial Services Misplaces BBB A+ Rating

Yesterday I wrote Golden Financial Services Says the Darndest Things About Being a Law Firm.

The article came to the attention of the BBB who apparently decided they were going to take some sort of action. According to the new BBB page for them, “! BBB Business Review on Golden Financial Services Debt Settlement Corp. is being updated by BBB !”

Here is what the BBB page looked like yesterday.

Here is what it looks like today.

Right about now I’d imagine that Paul Paquin – “Affiliate Director”, is pretty pissed off at the BBB. Especially since bullet item number four in his affiliate pitch was “We Have an “A+” Accredited BBB Rating! | Credibility Goes a Long Way, and when Your Agents say right off the bat that this is their BBB rating, they’ll Close Substantially more Business!”

We’ll just have to keep an eye on this and see how it resolves itself. Any guesses?

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