Hollywood Video – Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 2-28-2012

Date This Problem Happened: February 27, 2012

State You Live in: Oregon

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Hollywood Video – Universal Fidelity

Company Address:

P.O. Box 219785
Houston, TX 77218-9785

Company Telephone Number: 281-647-4156

Website of Company: payuflp.com

Consumer Statement:

We received from Universal Fidelity, LP indicating that we owed late fees to Hollywood Video $31.74, from spring of 2009 ~ this is spring of 2012 !! It is not that “we refuse to pay” as they stated to us, its the principal that we do not owe the money. For the record, we are willing to pay all our debts, but we do not owe this money. We returned our videos in a timely manner to the outside drop box at the curb and do not owe any monies to Hollywood Video.

Consumer Action Taken:

We called the number shown on the letter, and the lady stated that we have to pay what we owe unless we have the receipt showing payment or she will make note that we refuse to pay. We indicated for them to prove that we owe this, not 3 years later getting a letter for the first time telling us we owe. She stated that Hollywood Video was in bankrupcy and could not contact us! We asked for them to be specific telling us how many days were we suppose to be “late”?? Everyone knows that they will not allow you to continue to rent movies if you have any outstanding “late fees” . She stated that was not a policy held by Hollywood Video. In which I told her that just isn’t true. We do not owe this money ! Just received the letter 2/27/2012.

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15 thoughts on “Hollywood Video – Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 2-28-2012”

  1. I was in Iraq when they said I rented some movie I’ve never even heard of. I called and they told me it was returned late.

  2. My wife and i just received a letter (invoice) from Universal FIdelity , LP on 11/13/2012 stating we owe $9.58 for late fees from a dvd we rented on 6/21/2009. We found that laughable, because the 21st of June in 2009 was the day after our wedding and we were 2,400 miles away in Las Vegas, NV. We are from PA. We only had one (1) rental card and it was in my wallet in Las Vegas with me. Kind of impossible if you ask me???

  3. Universal fidelity, lp just sent me a letter stating I owed 169.00!! Not true at all. I was  MVP member and paid monthly dues to rent 2 at a time for as long as I wanted and upon return could get 2 more. I have called UF and they we’re very rude and told me I was lying and that I owed the money.I asked to file a formal complaint and have not recieved a call back. If I owed it I would pay it, no problem but I do not!!!!! Victoria ext 133 was the mean one who was very threatining with me. I told them I would mail them 25cents a month for a bill I did not owe and they would not except payment!! I’m in Tennessee what do I do to get these slim suckers off my back???


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