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Precision Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 2-29-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: July 1, 2011

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $7,000

Company Name: Precision Law Center

Company Address:

6 Hutton Center Dr.
Suite 600
South Coast Metro, CA 92707

Company Telephone Number: 800-813-4042

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

This is regarding Precision Law Center in CA. Here I go: I could no longer afford my mortgage but I value my credit and always managed to make my payments somehow.

Things were getting worse and I contacted my lender, CitiMortgage. I explained that I did not want to default but I needed help and was running out of money. They wouldnt help me and literally said unless I default they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I dont qualify for any loan mods out there.

Prior to 2007 I made a 6 figure salary and was able to make my mortgage payments comfortably. I worked in lending, but I had nothing to do with originating or approving loans. I was out of work and forced to use my savings until I found a job that pays me less that a quarter of what I used to make.

I was contacted by Precision Law Center last June (2011). I spoke to a man named Bob Le Chat (no longer there) and he assured me they could help. He explained, after reviewing my note and deed, that there were 12 counts of fraud in my loan and that Citi had no legal right to demand a payment from me (due to MERS being the trustee on my deed).

He told me they would immediately file a Lis Pendens that would cloud my title and keep me out of foreclosure. He said I should no longer make my mortgage payments. He said if I paid them a retainer of $7000.00 they would sue Citi; get me a lower principle balance, lower my monthly payment; forgive my late payments and fix my credit and get me a cash settlement that I would share with them. I paid them the $7000.00.

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I stopped making my payments in August. It is now February 29th and they have done nothing for me. Citi is moving forward with foreclosure preceedings; the Lis Penedens was never filed, and the folks at PLC won’t even take my calls. If I do get through by some miracle I get the run around. I have been promised a call back from their manager, “Rose” for the past month and a half. they won’t even give me the name of any attorneys working on the case; just some dumbass “litigation processor” who ignores my calls and emails. They will not acknowledge me in any way shape or form.

HAMPA recently contacted me and assured me they could help; promising that they would save my home and reduce my payment. Well, now HAMPA says they can’t help me. My mortgage pmt is too high and income too low – DUH. Now Citi wants to play ball. They want to “help” me. My file was sent to their special Executive Review Unit. For months Citi kept insisting that no one has called on my behalf and that they have no record of anything from PLC; however a few weeks ago one of their customer service reps said there was a “demand” in my file from PLC, back from September.

I don’t know who to trust. If PLC is legit why won’t they talk to me? Why won’t they return my calls or emails??? I want my money back from them but i feel that if i go through Small Claims i would get nowhere.

I’ve contacted the FBI to report them and they have done nothing yet. I live and work in LA county; if I sue I’d have to keep taking time off work to go to South Coast Metro. I don’t know what to do anymore. Can I go there in person with law enforcement? Do I hire a private investigator?? I have no idea what to do. i am desperate at this point. I have children, and now thanks to PLC I have horrible credit. Where the hell am I supposed to go? Who would rent to me??? How will I ever qualify for another loan?? Am I screwed??? Please help!!

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Consumer Action Taken:

I’ve made several attempts to reach them via phone or email. I’ve mentioned in both phone messages and emails that I want a status update (at first) now, I keep telling them I want my money back. I’ve contacted an attorney who said I should take them to small claims court.

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  • Precision Law Center/ AKA Assurity Law Group
    3240 El Camino Real Suite #200
    Irvine, CA 92602

    This is where you will find Brian Pacios

    Former Employee

  • March 14, 2012.  If Brian Pacios is involved, I am sure it is a SCAM.  He has several companys such as National Reief Group, SBP and many others.  He works out of the Irvine, souther California area.  He took $3000 from my family for a phony modification. We lost our home and I fought to get my money back.  I did my own investigation and found out where he lives, other assets he has as well as alot of his scams he uses in other states.  Several attorney generals has ordered him to stop.  If he has scamed you, contact me on trustlink.  I did get my money back, I sued him in small claims court.  He is a freak!  don’t let him get away with taking your money.   Queen Schindler

  • Just heard from the State of California and they said to direct readers to this link to file a state complaint and this link to file a Bar complaint against the attorney involved

    • I want to make sure everyone reads this, the more ppl that pull together, I’ve been told by the FBI, the better the chance of having a case, with tell them how much you’ve been taken for and all of the info to the intake officer. We can do this! We can get the money back if we stick together!

      • I encourage you all to call the number I provided above. We have a good chance if we stick together! If we end up not getting our money back, we can at least be satisfied that they’ve been caught! PLEASE MAKE THE CALL! FYI: I’ve contacted the person that leases their space and they’re still there. The FBI can get more info from her if needed.

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