Fight Cancer and Get Out of Debt at the Same Time

Recently I was approached by the Consumer Recovery Network about referring people to their new Accelerated Balance Reduction Program who need Do It Yourself (DIY) debt settlement help.

They have a unique program that I’ve written about before and one that I think will become a more suitable approach for consumers that want to attempt to intercede with their creditors at a low cost.

This site, the Myvesta Foundation, nor myself receive any compensation for referrals for people who enroll in any debt relief program. That policy is not changing today.

But what I have decided to do is that rather than turn my back on potential 20% commissions that might be generated from people using the low cost Accelerated Balance Reduction Program I have directed the Consumer Recovery network to send 100% of those commissions they would have otherwise have paid, to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, a terrific non-profit organization that fights ovarian cancer. the Consumer Recovery network will make donations directly to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance from any revenue generated on the 15th of the following month.

Ovarian cancer is a cause I feel strongly about. My mother is currently fighting this ravaging cancer. You can read my posts about that battle here.

Accelerated Balance Reduction Program

The Consumer Recovery Network Accelerated Balance Reduction Program is designed first to be an educational program for consumers to teach them how they might be able to work directly with their creditors in their debt reduction efforts.

This might include negotiating with creditors to try to secure special payments, how to do DIY debt settlement, and even have a coach to help you through the process of dealing with your creditors.

Additionally, the Accelerated Balance Reduction Program has teamed up with providers across the country to provide you with hands-on assistance, if you so desire. This network has pledged to charge among the lowest rates in the debt relief industry.

I’m open to criticism about this decision but this approach seems to make sense in order to introduce people to educational assistance to get out of debt, helps to fight ovarian cancer, and it retains our journalistic independence when reporting about the debt industry.


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