How Can I Settle My Debts With My Banks in Dubai – UAE? – Tanya

I have few credit cards from different banks and a loan from another bank, now my salary is AED 12000 almost and not enough to cover the loan amount plus the min monthly dues for my cards, from another side I could consolidate the debt with Abu Dhabi Islamic bank lets say, however my company is not listed with them, in fact my company is only listed with few banks , the ones I already have bad credit with ( from late payments for cards ) . Please advise me how to settle my debts, I was looking forward to a solution where I will have one loan from one bank even if its 70 percent from my salary, as long as I am not being chased for payments … please help,



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8 thoughts on “How Can I Settle My Debts With My Banks in Dubai – UAE? – Tanya”

  1. There are so many people in Dubai who lend the money and charges interest so try to approach those guy, might be you will any solution. Good Luck

      •  call gulwani 0507294938, he is commercial broker in Deira, he normally not offered easily but he can so insist him and request him, am sure he will help u out, Good Luck

        • hey hotncoool,
          thanks for giving the number, i contacted him and he sound like a genuine person. hopefully he’ll be able to help. i’ll keep you posted 🙂
          big thanks!

          • Hi pls could u let me kno if u got ur work done from mr.gulwani. So that even we can seek help from him.

      • Hi Tanya,

        I wonder if you were able to get help from Gulwani? We are on the same page thats why i can totally relate to you.

  2. I won’t give you any real legal advice, as I am currently in similar situation. I do think though, as long as you are positive and trying to communicate with any institution you owe money, bank – they will be interested mainly in getting money back from you and willing to cooperate. Just keep your head up, cut your spendings as much as you can and think there is always a way out.
    Regards, Elizabeth


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