Why Does Golden Financial Services Still Claim an A+ BBB Rating When They Don’t Have It?

A tipster (send in your tips here) send in an email they’ve recently received from Paul Paquin that claims the company has an A+ BBB rating. But here’s the catch, the company, Golden Financial Services, appears to currently have no BBB rating.

Here is the marketing email that was sent out and forwarded to me.

I hope this email finds you well, AND it’s a must read.

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Paul Paquin – Affiliate Director

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Golden Financial Services is even in more denial about their BBB rating and appears to deceptively prompt it in a press release they sent out three days after their BBB rating was changed from A+ op no rating. – Source

They even still list the statement “Golden Financial Services Customer Service department has a membership with the USOBA!,” yet USOBA denies that they issue any department level membership.

If this company will state misinformation in an attempt to recruit sales people and associates for the company, what will they tell consumers?

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