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Can the Delta Law Firm and Attorney Howard Feinmel Really Make My Debt Go Away?

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I have read several articles on your site.

I am currently on month 7 of an 18 month contract with the Delta Law Firm of Boca Raton, FL. Attorney is Howard Feinmel. I was referred to Howard Feinmel by the August Belmont Group. He is stating he can accomplish debt dismissal on unsecured accounts suing creditors for reporting violations under the Fair Credit Reporting act.

Do you believe this is a legit service for a Louisiana client?

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  • I would like to say that I completed my contract with them and did not here from them for quite a while now I have the old creditors calling me and no one can contact the lawyer any more as far as I am concerned it is a scam. All of the creditors reported the debts as bad debt and the lawyers have not done anything it cost me 11,000 to the delta law firm . Howard Fiemel and they did nothing and now can not even contact them

    • If you follow this site you would have known that Howard Feinmel has been disbarred for some time now. It would be interesting to know who you were making payments to as of late so all can be made aware of what the new scam enterprise name is.


    Oct 2011 I began paying Howard Feinmel. via Meracord, $2000+ for debt resolution for which they claim to be 100% successful at reducing and/or eliminating unsecured
    debt. In my case, Capitol One Bank for approx $9000. No other payment is
    required. The total sum of my payment will retain Mr Feinmel and his office for ALL necessary and required work to complete the debt resolution including court appearances. The later I specifically asked if this was absolutely true and accurate. The answer I received and continue to receive for the last 3 years was an confident
    YES!. The payment they required has been paid in full for over a year now and I have never received a receipt for completion of payment although I have asked numerous times. Most recently I have asked “the office manager” Jon Sabia on April 3, 2014.
    Still I have no receipt.

    As good, common and ethical practice of an attorney
    evidence of work being performed is emailed or USPS mailed to the client. When asked why I am not receiving documentation of their work the response I received was, “It would be too costly because we have thousands of documents and we would then have to charge you for the mailings” Again I have asked Jon Sabia for documentation on April 3, 2014. He agreed to mail me the documentation as well and the receipt of my full and completed payment. I still have not received any documents as of April 10, 2014.

    Since February 2014 I have mad countless phone calls to Mr
    Feinmels paralegal Don Callahan as well as Mr Feinmels office and I have even
    written to them in an email via their website, which no longer exists. All to no avail. Not one single return call or email…. until March 19th. On this day I received and
    urgent email stating M r Callahan is no longer my paralegal and all inquiries
    are to be directed to Nicole Pacheco. As was typical, when I called there was no reply or response.

    On April 2, 2014 I received a court summons. I again immediately began calling Ms
    Pacheco. I was told by her asst., Nicholas DiSalvo that he knew nothing of The Delta Law Firm nor Howard Feinmel. and that this new company which Mr DiSalvo could not tell me, has assumed all of the previous companies records. Ms Pacheco aparently was in the hospital indefinitely and no one could tell me of her return.I was directed to call
    Krystal Hernandez at (561) 948-2118 [email protected]. I left a message and again did not receive a return call.

    Next I was told Jon Sabia was the office manager. Upon speaking to John on April 3,2014 he told me to fax him the summons and he would return my call to discuss the
    matter. I have since made 17 calls to Howard Feinmels office with not a single return call back regarding my summons, my documentation or the receipt I have asked for. April 7th a representative of the Florida Bar Assoc left a message for Mr Feinmels office to contact her. As of April 10th there still has been no contact. I was advised to file a complain of “Case Abandonment”

    It should also be noted here that Noteworld/Meracord, the
    company that Mr Feinmel used to extract money from my acct for Debt Resolution
    as been sued by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (attorney Jeff Erlich) for
    $1.73 million dollars.

    Link to case:

    In summary, I have paid in full to Mr Feinmels office who’s website no longer exists, who’s “office employees” have no idea who he is and where NO ONE will return my
    call nor the calls of the Florida Bar assoc., where the company he used to
    extract thousands of dollars has been shut down and now owes $1.73 to consumers
    for illegal practices.

    • This is very similar to my experience. I hope no one does business with this company or Howard Fleinmel again! They returned my calls when I was still paying, however when I was finished they will not email or call me back.

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