Macey Bankruptcy Law – Consumer Complaint – 3-10-2012

Date This Problem Happened: January 30, 2012

State You Live in: Colorado

Race/Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $50

Company Name: Macey Bankruptcy Law

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 888-888-0431

Website of Company: maceybankruptcylaw.com

Consumer Statement:

I hired Macy Bankruptcy Law to help me file Ch7. In the initial consultation I set up an auto bank withdrawal. They sent me home with a packet of a ton of paperwork to gather and assemble. Then I thought, this is something THEY should be doing. Thats what paralegals are for!. So I decided I was not going to use them. Now I cannot get a hold of them to stop the auto withdrawal. They are going to withdrawal $1300. I’m sure I’ll never get my $50 retainer either.

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried email, numerous calls (on hold for over 45 min!), had to resort to leaving many msgs, faxed. Still no replies, nothing. I finally went to the office where my consultation was. Receptionist tells me they aren’t there! They on rent the office occasionally!

I have yet to get a hold of them after two months!

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8 thoughts on “Macey Bankruptcy Law – Consumer Complaint – 3-10-2012”

  1. Redstorm1. One thing you should keep in mind is that not everyone files bankrutcy because they are a degenerate.  Look at how many time Trump has filed….please. There is judgemen I don’t know if you pay attention to the news, but unemployment is still high.  So, much so that it is a election issue.  There is judgement  your tone and insenitivity. This economy place a lot of people in financial distress.   If this customer does not want to fill out the paperwork that is his choice. He will learn that he has to fill out paperwork no matter where he goes.  Maybe it is his lesson to learn.  I worked in customer service and when folks complained about the company I worked for …theatened to close there account and take their money somewhere else.  I let them.  But, I knew enough about the other companies..to tell the customer they would more than likely get less service elsewhere.  I also tried to listen to their complaints and handle their issues.  Most people where thankful that I did not talk down to them. But, a good customer service agent would have been able to explain to this man that it was necessary for HIM to fill out the paperwok.  He has to give the paralegals the information  so when he files..he can file accurately.   So, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how much money a law firm bills out for paralegals if they are not trained to deal with difficult personalities.. Maybe the law firms might one to start treating all customers with respect and not look down on an individual because they HAD to file bankrutcy.  You don’t know what this man’s situation is…or do you? Perhaps you work at Macey’s?

  2. So you went into a law office sat with an employee and paid only 50.00?  And you took the time to complain about it and complain you had to fill something out?  See the problem is not the firm or paralegals the problem is you.  If you spent half as much energy looking for a job or working harder to pay your bills you would not have to file bankruptcy.  It is entitled people like you who always want something for nothing who are the problem with America today.  A law firm bills out over 100.00 per hour for paralegal work but you treat them like garbage but you are the degenerate who is trying to dodge all his bills with a bankruptcy.  

      • well the story is BS … he has tried to get a hold of them for two months?  and he is still concerned about an auto-debit?  That timeline does not match up.  He is a customer who is a complainer pain in the ass and wants something for nothing and would do nothing but waste their time.He probably faxed in some blowhard letter and left a terrible message and they said screw him.  I can see your point that you feel he deserves a phone call and I respect that.  But this is just up because it is Macey if you take the firm name out and put another in there I bet you don’t post it.  I think if you meet with an attorney face to face and walk away for only 50.00 and you complain that you have to fill out paperwork you are a moron and that is probably why you have to file bankruptcy. 1300 is also very reasonable for the service compared to what is charged by most firms so to me to me the story is either planted or it is a customer no company wants.  You call him a customer he is not a customer he declined services he is owed nothing.  While I know you will disagree with that it is a fact he is not a client he is owed nothing.  I can see your debt settlement point with these guys but this is as I said the problem with America today with entitlement and something for nothing.

        • “But this is just up because it is Macey if you take the firm name out and put another in there I bet you don’t post it.” You’d be wrong. Consumer complaints submitted are posted as they are received.

          • How? Your questions or statements are your opinion.

            I have no knowledge about the consumer complaint other than what the consumer sent in. You apparently have specific knowledge of the complaint and the consumer to make the statements you have.

            I did answer the one questions I could authoritatively.

    • Gee, what if the guy had a problem paying medical bills for his sick wife or kid? Does he pass your super high standards then? Or are you going to continue to beat a dead horse.


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