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“Dear Steve,

My Fiancee worked in the UAE a year ago and for family reasons left to come back to US in March 2011. She had 10,000 (us currency) debt on a CC she left and never paid. In Feb 2012 she took a job in Maylasia and she is getting very threating letters. She realizes the issues in UAE and that she can’t go there but they are threating Interpol will get involved pull her work visa and have her sent to UAE.

Do you know if this is possible for interpol to do this? Second question is she wants to figure out how to pay this debt but now they are saying with penalties and interest she owes $35,000 (us currency) how can it get so high in one year? We cannot find any company or one to help on this issue is it possible to get them to talk to us about the orginal debt vs. this 35k? Second what have you seen or heard on ability to settle on a much more reasonable amount. She can probably pay 7-8K over time but no way the 35K.


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Dear Steve,

While possible, I find it highly improbable that Interpol will hunt down your fiancé for a past due consumer debt. You can see the Interpol most wanted here.

I have not heard of a case where Interpol acted as intermediary between two law enforcement entities in two countries over one bad credit card account. That certainly seems like a huge waste of resources on behalf of Interpol and if they really did that they’d have no time to go after more important international criminals.

A credit card balance could become much higher due to late fees, penalties, and an inflated interest rate but the increase you state seems unlikely in just one year.

If she wants to try to tackle this debt she may want to contact an attorney in the UAE to act as her intermediary and negotiate a suitable repayment arrangement on the original debt with the bank. The only solution is really going to be either to pay what the bank wants or to come to an agreement, hopefully in writing, with the bank to repay a lesser amount over time.

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