Precision Law Center Disappearance Solved. FTC Took Action.

Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) the mystery about what happened to Precision Law Center is not solved. According to the Precision Law Receivership site:

On March 5, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission filed an action against Defendants Sameer Lakhany, The Credit Chop, LLC, Fidelity Legal Services LLC, Titanium Realty Inc., Precision Law Center, Inc., and Precision Law Center LLC, alleging that, in connection with their loan modification business and related mortgage litigation business, Defendants violated various provisions of the FTC Act which prohibit unfair or deceptive acts and violated the FTC’s Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule – the MARS Rule – which prohibits advance fees for loan modification services.

On March 7, 2012, the Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order with an Asset Freeze and Appointment of Temporary Receiver. The Court has set March 21, 2012 as the date on which it will consider whether to enter a preliminary injunction.

On March 8, 2012, the court-appointed Temporary Receiver took possession of the businesses and has temporarily suspended operations. The Temporary Receiver has established this website as a vehicle to communicate information about the case and the receivership’s activities. We will post regular updates as developments merit.

Presently, the Court has sealed the files, but once the files are unsealed we will post copies of the Complaint and Temporary Restraining Order with Asset Freeze. – Source

The site instructs people with claims to contact the receiver at info@precisionlawreceiver.com.

For additional information as it is made available visit precisionlawreceiver.com.


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14 thoughts on “Precision Law Center Disappearance Solved. FTC Took Action.”

  1. UPDATE: The FTC has now reached settlements of its claims against all remaining Defendants. That settlement is still subject to the approval of the full Commission, which is reviewing the terms of the settlement. Once the settlement is approved and formal judgments are entered, we will be in a position to give more detailed direction as to whether, and to what extent, there will be any consumer redress procedures. See http://www.precisionlawreceiver.com/

  2. my sister was ripped off by this company for over $7000.  Just recently I received a mailer from assurity law group represent debt settlement, when I asked a gentleman where they were located it is the same location my sister dropped off her $7000.  Location is in Irvine off camino real..irvine.  I have an investigator who is trying to find some information.. are they operating another company under a different name ..are these the same people…confused..does anyone know… anything.. any information would be appreciated.. 

  3. I was obviously swindled by PLC.  Is there any way I can file a complaint and hopefully get my money back?  Can any one help me?

    • Hi, check the website precisionlawreceiver.com, it will explain everything, basically PLC along with several other companies were raided by the FTC with Sameer “Sammy” Lakhany being the owner of all companies.  The way I read it is that they have an awesome case against him but now he (sammy) is not cooperating with the FTC/receiver.  From what I got out of it, he is on the run.  Make sure you read every page, it is very interesting.  As far as getting our money back that may depend on how much money can be recovered. 

    • Hi, check the precisionlawreceiver.com site.  I’m also trying to get my money back but the case is tied up with the FTC.  I imagaine Mr. Lakhany, owner of PLC and several other scam firms will be going to jail at some point so I’m really not sure what to do yet as far as collecting money.  We all just might have to wait on the FTC in hopes that they can recover enough assets from Lakhany to pay us for the money he stole. 

  4. Hi, I’m not familiar with what a temporary receiver is?  Can anyone help me with what this whole thing means, most importantly how I’m going to recover all the money I paid to PLC.  Thank you all!

    • Generally the temporary is ordered to seize assets to protect assets for the victims. A permanent receiver will need to be appointed by the court. After that, everything will need to be wound down. These things take time and it is most likely any money returned to consumers will not be a 100% refund. Again, it all depends on what the receiver can get their hands on.

      If you are dealing with an urgent situation about your house or mortgage you will most likely need to make alternate arrangements to deal with that and not wait for the FTC action to resolve that.

  5. March 14, 2012. If Brian Pacios is involved, I am sure it is a SCAM. He has several companys such as National Reief Group, SBP and many others. He works out of the Irvine, souther California area. He took $3000 from my family for a phony modification. We lost our home and I fought to get my money back. I did my own investigation and found out where he lives, other assets he has as well as alot of his scams he uses in other states. Several attorney generals has ordered him to stop. If he has scamed you, contact me on trustlink. I did get my money back, I sued him in small claims court. He is a freak! don’t let him get away with taking your money. Queen Schindler

    • Hi, how do I contact you on Trustlink, I’m a member but can’t figure out how to find your name.  I was also scammed and I have a complaint posted on here with a date of 3-13-2012.  I have some questions I’d like to ask you if you don’t mind.  Thank You.

    • I need your help PLC scamed me for $5,500.00 and I want my money back. How do I go about getting that and was it more costly to sue?


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