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Brookstone Law Mass Tort Solicitation Mailer

A reader has sent in a mailer by Brookstone Law titled “Notice Regarding Mass Tort Litigation Lawsuits.”

The mailer claims that potential claims made against lenders by consumers participating are:

  • Fraudulent Mortgage Note Origination
  • Fraudulent Concealment and Misrepresentation at Time of Origination
  • Patriot Act Violations/Unlawful Funding of Note
  • Improper Securitization of Loan/Note
  • Improper Assignment of Mortgage/Deed of Trust/MERS
  • Breach of Contract Regarding Trial Modification Agreement

The mailer also states, “You may become a joined plaintiff in a significant lawsuit that will seek, among other things, to void your note(s), and/or to award you relief and monetary damages.”

While bearing a different format, the stated benefits appear to be similar to those made in many of the discredited Form 1012 mailers that others have sent out.

On a positive note at least the mailer does state it is an attorney advertisement and openly names the attorney, Vito Torchia, Jr. who is responsible for the mailer.

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Steve Rhode

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  • Steve – This flyer is old news.  It has already been investigated and case closed at the California State Bar Association.  Brookstone actually turned it in themselves.  You and I have to be careful because “tipsters” try to exploit you and me to use our forum to retaliate against law firms.  I am confident that this did not come from a sincere source – but that is just my opinion.  You might want to call the State Bar or Brookstone Law for comment.  

    Your friend always,

    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright 

    • If the flyer was cleared then there’s no issue. The consumer represented they had just received it. I’m not stating a position, just sharing what was sent in.

      • Yah I hear ya Steve.  I guess I would have probably posted it too.  I am just aware that the Legaspi vs. Spivak case was dismissed today – which means that it can be anyone sending that – if you know what I mean ……

        • I know.

          We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

          I looked at it and thought if Brookstone was sending it out they know to clear it. If I didn’t publish it then we’d be accused to burying it and engaged in some conspiracy.

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