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Can My Wages Get Garnished Before I Answer the Wage Garnishment Summons? – Jean

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I had a credit card debt that I went to court on The judge did not care that the dollar amount was wrong and that i had proof he said I had to pay 145 a month. I couldnt pay the whole 145 because of my house in foreclosure and I was trying to save it. So the firm my acct was assigned sent me a wage garnishment summons with a date of 4-30-2012. In febuarty 2012 they started garnishing my paycheck is that legal I am from virginia.

Can a company garnish your wages before you answer the wage garnishment summons the company says this date is for when the money will be released to them


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  • you have the right to ask for another hearing to address this fact and you should contact a paralegal or find a lawyer that does free consults….if nothing else at least you get free advise and a direction at which to start… but i would most definatly fight that!!!

  • Jean,

    Only an attorney can address the legal question you raise, but I would point out that you apparently had a hearing since you refer to a judge’s comments. It would appear that your creditor sought and won a judgment against you in a hearing. The garnishment hearing is a follow up and may give you an opportunity to have the amount changed due to your income or other factors but it sounds as though you lost the big challenge.

    You are always free to seek legal advice but it doesn’t sound like you have much hope for a significant change.


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