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I Have a Judgment Against Me for a Car Loan. What Are They Statute of Limitations?


I have a judgement for a car loan against me in Virginia for $12,980 that was awarded to the finance company in August 2009. It is now March 2012. The judgement is on my credit report. I live in North Carolina and have been here since 2009. If I’m not mistaken I was also supposed to pay interest in the amount of 21%. I think that is wrong because from my research the interest is supposed to be 12% Anyway, my financial situation has improved in that I can pay off my debts over the next few years without filing a CH. 13. Thanks for your assistance.

What are the statute of limitations for me to pay this debt? I was planning to make monthly payments on the judgement, but I’m wondering if the state can still collect? Should I even attempt to pay it off? Can they come after me later in life for this money?


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