Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 3-16-2012

Date This Problem Happened: April 1, 2010

State You Live in: Ohio

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8,000

Company Name: Legal Helpers Debt Resolution

Company Address:

PO BOX 14010,
Irvine, california 92623

Company Telephone Number: 888-300-3555

Website of Company: legalhelpers.com

Consumer Statement:

To whom it may concern Hello my name is Gary I have an issues with Legal Helpers debt resolution. on April 2010 my wife and enrolled in the program paying 846.00 per month for 40 months and be debt free from are credit card debt. After 19 payments we started getting wage garnishment from the courts we were struggling when we enrolled in the program.When we took this issuse to are representative she stated that we should file bankruptcy

Consumer Action Taken:

They gave us no other resollution. They said that we should look into bankruptcy.WE are now going though bankruptcy we could have already be though this in 2010 and saved all that money.

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5 thoughts on “Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 3-16-2012”

  1. I just had 3 clients come to our office who were also scammed by Legal Helpers. In total they paid $30,000 in fees yet never received a settlement. It’s really tough to get your fees back from them, as our office also tried. We ending up helping 2 settle all their accounts and one we suggested filing bankruptcy. If the program payment was hard at first your best bet is filing a chapter 7. I don’t believe debt settlement payment programs should last longer than 24 months. To get your fees, I would suggest hiring an attorney who would handle your case on a contingency basis, and allow them to take part of any fees that they can recoup.

    Good luck!

      •  Anisa,

        I also am being scammed by LHDR.
        Oct 2010 I had no options by to either file bankruptcy or stop paying credit card monthly payment. I retained LHDR costing $786 for 48 months.

        Within 7 months I was in court with CITI to which I negotiated a reduced payout. After that whenever I called LHDR they continually took credit for settling that debt. Well they didnt…..I did. Now, I was just in court and currently being garnished for a Bank of America account.

         By the way, BoA is relentless and doesn’t care about people.

        Searching the internet about LHDR I found many other people are also paying them with no results or assistance. They are just a money collecting machine with a bunch of smooth talkers on the phone to their clients.

        I mailed a certified letter to LHDR complaining of no service or debt assistance.I requested my account with them be cancelled.  In the letter I stated that I am unhappy with them and since we are 50% into the agreement timeline I wanted 50% of my money back by the April 15. If not, I will notify my Attorney General and a host of other consumer advocates. I immediately received a call from LHDR promising a check for a 60% refund to be mailed from Global Client Solutions.
        I expect to have that check by April 10 per their commitment.

        I will let you know what happens. Because If I do not get that as promised, they will wish they never new my name.
        Best of Luck!

      • Steve,

        Sorry, just saw this reply. I’m still working on it but they keep giving us and these clients the run around. I will keep you posted.

        • Ya, they are good at the run around. I have a client that tried to cancel after 1 month. She had to run out and put a stop payment on her bank. Then when she contacted Global Client Solutions to get the portion of her money back that was supposed to be set aside for settlements, she was told Legal Helpers already took the money out for their second payment, even though that money was supposed to be set aside for settlements only.

          So basically when she cancelled and put a stop payment on her bank, Legal Helpers scrambled and took the money out of her trust account. So much for their pitch about having a third party trust account control the money when they just hand it over to Legal Helpers anyway. 


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