New Life Financial Seems to Want to Hold Me to a Contract But I Want Out – Jason

“Dear Steve,

I am currently underwater in my mortgage. The H.A.M.P program, B.O.F.A, and it’s H.U.D representitves are not helping so I was looking online for mortgage help. I came across ” New Life Financial ” Ph#1855-756-2444; From which they said they could help. To make a long story short and after I had filled out questionaires from this company with electronic signatures I decided to look further into this company. I found out so many people were scammed by this company and that the business would take funds out of peoples accounts. “WELL”….. After finding this out I called them back and told them that I no longer wanted to deal with them and to close out my account and any information they had on me. Sure as heck they have tried to debit my account two times for $1,338.00. Today on March19,2012 I recieved a call and asked them why the do they continually try to take that money out when I told them I no longer wanted anyth ing to do with them. All he could do is argue, and said “You initialed some forms” , “Do you go back on what you signed? .

Is there anything I can do? I basically took all funds out of my account so they could not take out any money, and possibly will change my account number. Do you think I am right in this? Because a legitmate company would ditch the account?


Dear Jason,

I think this is a good example of needing to take swift and specific action. I have an online guide that will contain helpful information. Please read this guide. I would suggest you send the company a certified, return receipt requested letter and let them know that unless they confirm the termination of your account you plan to pursue the matter with the list of places in that guide.

My position that you should lean on them hard is based on the apparent fact they’ve tried to take money from you after you indicated to them you did not want their services. You’ve indicated you want out and they don’t seem to be responding to your position, statements, or request.

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You might just want to talk to your bank about changing your account number to prevent any debits by them. I know that’s a pain in the butt t change accounts but in this case, it’s a good investment to make. That would allow you to safely keep your money in the bank account.

Once you get some written response from them that your account has been closed, then I’d relax.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

3 thoughts on “New Life Financial Seems to Want to Hold Me to a Contract But I Want Out – Jason”

  1. Jason,

    Don’t cancel Bruh! I worked with NLF and had fantastic results.

    If you cancel you will have to start over.

    NLF has only been attacked by Rhode here on this site no where else so don’t take the bad experiences of 3-5 people and apply it to the 5,000 NLF customers.

    The guy who runs this site extorts money from companies. This site is pay to play.

    Steve, Hold My DICK!


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