St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney

St Louis Bankruptcy AttorneyMost Missouri consumers are very reluctant to speak with a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney about their financial issues. Why? I don’t really have a good answer to that question except for it likely has something to do with the fact that many of the alternative debt relief programs have done a great job scaring consumers about the prospect of filing for bankruptcy.

Perhaps consumers fear that meeting with a bankruptcy attorney is somehow a commitment to an eventual bankruptcy filing. Whatever the reason, it is always important to research all options available for getting out of debt before making any final decision, and that certainly includes a consultation to explore a “possible” bankruptcy filing.

In the St. Louis Missouri area, one company has come up with a very innovative strategy to assist consumers. Rather than focusing on pushing a “one size fits all” debt relief program like so many credit counseling, and debt settlement programs offer, Personal Credit Solution has turned the typical debt relief business model on its head and offers consumers access to all of the major debt relief solutions in one place.

A St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney And So Much More

Whether you are looking for help with Debt Consolidation in Mo, Debt Settlement, Loan Modifications, Credit Counseling, Tax Relief or even St. Louis Bankruptcy help, you can explore all possible options available to you when speaking with a counselor at Personal Credit Solution. Credit card debt does not exist independently from a consumer’s additional financial circumstances and having an opportunity to speak with a counselor that is well versed in all of these areas allows a consumer to put together a strategy that is much more likely to be successful overall.

Imagine a situation where a consumer has credit card debt, is upside down and behind on their mortgage and owes back taxes to the IRS. Should that consumer call a credit counselor, a debt settlement company, a bankruptcy attorney, a tax specialist and a loan modification company? Which problem takes priority? Usually the debt relief strategy that takes priority is the one that is sold by the person you are asking advice from.

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Luckily consumers in the St Louis Missouri area no longer face this problem now that Personal Credit Solution has created a place where they can get all of their questions answered, put together a solid workable plan and then systematically resolve each and every financial issue that a they may be facing. This business model is certainly a fresh consumer friendly approach in an industry dominated over priced and over pitched, “one size fits all” debt solution programs.

If you think you may be in a situation where you need to speak with a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney, or even if you don’t think you need to file for bankruptcy, I recommend contacting Personal Credit Solution, and asking them to review your situation and help you figure out the best options available to you.

You can contact them through their website at PersonalCreditSolution.com, call them directly at 636-209-4481 or stop in for a visit at 15274 Manchester, Suite 260, Ballwin, MO 63011

Damon Day is a talented Debt Coach who offers fee based consultations to consumers as an alternative to the typical free debt relief consultations which are nothing more than thinly veiled sales pitches lacking any real information to help a consumer make a good decision. You can learn more about how he can protect you from getting ripped off at DamonDay.com