Will My Husband Be Able to Check My Spending Habits on the Credit Report? – Rae

My husband and I are seperated (Not legally)and he is having to do a credit report due to some possible identity theft. Last night he made a comment to me saying that since he is running his credit report he will be able to look into my spending habits. Check on my credit card use. I don’t want this!

Will my credit card show up on my husbands Credit Report if he is not an authoriized user? Will he be able to find out how much I owe?


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7 thoughts on “Will My Husband Be Able to Check My Spending Habits on the Credit Report? – Rae”

  1. Rae,   
    I am no expert here.  But honestly I wouldn’t trust the ex (rather legally separated or not) to not do what he says he is going to do.    I was naive when I got divorced and learned alot through my lawyer. You can go to or call a free legal advice place and ask them in your town.  Some lawyers even give a half hour free consultation, which is worth  taking.  So take my advice and please check into it.   

  2. Your credit report is based on your social security card and the credit that is tied to it, so if he he isn’t listed on the credit card as a user he can’t see it.

  3. Unless its a joint account he will not be able to see your card spending on his credit report. Plus only thing reports to credit bureaus is amont spent not actual transactions.

  4. Hey Rae he shouldn’t be able to see your credit cards on his report, unless you both are on the card… Good Luck!

  5. My husband just did a credit report and none of my things showed up on his report.Unless your husband has all your personal info and pretends to be you and does a credit report he should not be able to see your information.I’m not positive but I would hope not.

  6. Rae,

    if accounts are not joint they are not reported on a spouse’s credit report. If you are correct in saying that the accounts are separate your husband will not be able to see any of your information.

    Of course under the current circumstances, including the identity theft, you should make sure that you have no joint accounts. Check your credit report just to be sure. Go to www,annualcreditreport.com and make sure your credit rating are completely separate.

    Good Luck!

  7. I’m no expert.  Normally the spouses information isn’t reported on the credit report.  However with a joint credit card he could see your credit card history on his credit report.  If he is not a part of your credit card, he shouldn’t get the information on his credit report.  I don’t think the identity theft changes the credit report.  But hang in there, keep coming back until someone smart answers, don’t take my word for it, good luck not letting you spouse know how much you owe.


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