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Will My Husband Be Able to Check My Spending Habits on the Credit Report? – Rae

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My husband and I are seperated (Not legally)and he is having to do a credit report due to some possible identity theft. Last night he made a comment to me saying that since he is running his credit report he will be able to look into my spending habits. Check on my credit card use. I don’t want this!

Will my credit card show up on my husbands Credit Report if he is not an authoriized user? Will he be able to find out how much I owe?


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  • Rae,   
    I am no expert here.  But honestly I wouldn’t trust the ex (rather legally separated or not) to not do what he says he is going to do.    I was naive when I got divorced and learned alot through my lawyer. You can go to or call a free legal advice place and ask them in your town.  Some lawyers even give a half hour free consultation, which is worth  taking.  So take my advice and please check into it.   

  • Your credit report is based on your social security card and the credit that is tied to it, so if he he isn’t listed on the credit card as a user he can’t see it.

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