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Rude Pakistani Debt Collector Chasing Down UAE Debt. – Shams

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I had an account opened in NBD by my ex employer with a salary of 2,100 AED and was given a credit card as well with a limit of 2500- 2700max ( I do not recall this as this in 2006) I was paying the minimum due amount of 100 AED , but soon my situation improved and I stared paying the card and not using it anymore. In 2009 I got a call from the bank collection dept asking me to pay 120 AED as the last payment and I will not be called. I made the payment and received no call since then.

Now in 2012 I receive a call from INTRA debt collection agency saying that I owe the bank 11,000 AED . After asking them for statements and why , they gave me the reasons of Auto Interest etc and that they have no statements to provide as to why I was charged. After demanding I speak to the manager a lady , she said I can give you a discount after speaking to the bank and called me back saying that they have negotiated a good deal and that I need to pay only 3000 AED and if I don’t , the bank is powerful and they will bounce my cheque and file a case against me etc. They are also saying that the bank can manipulate the statements etc

I had the same contact details for almost 1.5 years later and never received a single call from them

Can They do this to me after 5 years ? I do not have any proof except an email from NBD asking me to pay 120 AED , minimum settlement, They guy on the phone told me I have been a good customer although defaulted once or twice as I was not in the country other than that I have paid on time sono one will call me after this payment .

Now this agent is from Pakistan and is rude and calls me 10 times in a day , if I don’t answer.

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Any advice will help


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  • Do you have any documents with you when you closed the card, or a clearance letter from the bank? That should be enough to show them that you dont own them anything

  • I guess you can file a case in the court with your proof of payment.
    Also submit a copy of the receipt of the 120 AED you paid as settlement.

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