How Do I Fix My Credit Report to Get a Good Paying Job? – Cynthia

i was young and vulnerable from an abusive family ,where my father was abusing us and my mother and i decided to go look for a job after then i took a furniture account and then clothes account , and later realised i was pregnant and i was not paid maternity leave , i then struggled ,lost my job 2005 and after 2 yrs 2007 then got another one whereby i decided to take out a loan and then the sales lady offered me two after the one i had and decided to take another one from a different place whereby then i was depressed and did not know what happened , i then surffered from a migraine headache whereby i was terminated from work 2008, did not find a job up until 2012 , and right nw im trying to getting a well payin job but i cannot because of my credit record


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3 thoughts on “How Do I Fix My Credit Report to Get a Good Paying Job? – Cynthia”

  1. Another way to beef up your resume and/or make contacts that may lead to future employment is to volunteer. It will also allow you to fill in the gaps of times that you are unemployed.

  2. Cynthia,

    Unless you’re seeking jobs in finances, e.g. working with other people’s money, your credit report shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance in your job search.

    Speaking from experience, I have a bankruptcy on my record from a few years ago. In that time frame, I’ve been able to get full time work at 2 separate companies that ran background checks as a condition of employment.

    Ultimately to get that better paying job, networking is your friend. Talk to friends, acquaintances, even using social media, letting people know you’re looking for work. 

    Also, if you need to beef up your resume, look into freelance or temp work. This will help you in getting experience and references. 

    Good luck.

  3. Cynthia,

    You have two issues:
    1. how to improve your credit
    2. how to find a job when you have poor credit.

    You improve your credit by paying every bill on time and not borrowing. Many people need help in making this happen and it often starts with a budget. A budget is just a plan for how you’re going to spend your money and paying off debt usually requires a plan. Call a non-profit credit counseling agency if you need help creating a budget.

    It takes seven years to erase all the bad information from a typical credit report and replace it with all good information so you should achieve near perfect credit exactly seven years from the time you make you last late payment or miss a payment.

    You probably cannot wait seven years to get a job so you need to think about jobs you can get without perfect credit. Many financial institutions and government agencies do check credit reports so focus on other businesses. And be reasonable. You have a spotty work record and a poor credit rating. Your first job may not be a “well paying job.”

    Building a career is a lot like building credit. Both take years and progress is gradual. The trick is to commit to a plan and to get started. You can be successful in both so get started!

    Good Luck! 


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