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Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Poked in MN Article

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution was the focus of a recent Minnesota newspaper article. According to the Star Tribune article, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution “did little for $10,000.”

The North Mankato couple turned to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, which agreed to negotiate with creditors to lower their debts. Over 14 months, they say, they paid the Chicago-based company $12,253, but only had one debt reduced by about $2,600. They say they haven’t been able to reach anyone at the company since last November when they found out Legal Helpers was being sued by the Illinois attorney general for consumer fraud.

After 14 payments, Valenta said, the couple was still being hounded by credit card companies, one of which started garnishing wages from his wife, a substitute teacher. That’s when Valenta said he searched online and saw the legal action in Illinois. He said he stopped writing payments to Legal Helpers and sent the company a letter in February requesting a refund, but hasn’t gotten a reply.

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  • I deal with these guys all day and can’t say i’m surprised. 90% of the time the consumers don’t even know Legal Helpers outsources the debt resolution part of the firm to various cccs around the country. So many of these debt settlement companies open up and take shade under the Legal Helpers umbrella. But to be fair they are much better to deal with then the majority of debt settlement companies i deal with on a daily basis. Some of these companies will not settle anything out and tell the consumer the reason is they need to wait for the funds to build before making themself known to the creditors. Then the consumer gets sued. Next thing the consumers finds out is  this attorney office is not returning their calls. I get it all day.

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