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AmeriPride Tax Group – Consumer Complaint – 3-26-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: June 1, 2010

State You Live in: Idaho

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $9,000

Company Name: Ameripride Tax Group

Company Address:

2861 Pullman St
Santa Ana, California 92705

Company Telephone Number: 888-551-7577

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I am not a complainer by nature, however, I received a telephone marketing call from Ameripride Tax group(June 2010) by a gentelman named Juan Bocachica (sp?) who sold me on the companies ability to negotiate with the IRS, to get my current wage levy stopped and to come up with a resonable Offer in Compromise for tax years 00-09, in addition they (Ameripride) would handle my outstanding tax issues with the State’s of Idaho and Oregon. To date 03/24/12(nearly two years since I signed a contract with them along with Power of attoryney to speak with the IRS and states tax commission on my behalf) I still am being threatened with additional wage levies from the State of Idaho and have not gotten any closer to an actual OIC to try to work out something with the IRS.

I have had at least 4 different “specialists” assigned to my case, and each time it seems just as we are making progess, the person I am working with leaves the company(Ameripride) or just drops my case. I am not aware of this issue until The State of Idaho tax commission files an additional 100% wage levy on me, then each time I have to make numerous phone calls and send multiple emails in an effort to get the ball rolling again with Amerpride. Each time they drop the ball I am the penalized by having my income taken away.

Here it is March of 2012, well over a year and a half. I have long ago paid Ameripride in full the $9000 they required to take my case and represent me, and to this date I am no closer to resolution than when this all began with the IRS filing a wage levy on me in May of 2010.

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I currently have less than 5 days for Ameripride to contact Christen Lewis with the State of Idaho Tax commission to get several years tax returns amended to match that which is filed with the IRS. If she does not contact them prior to March 28 2012, they will file an additional one on me for my full March income (I am a commissioned sales person and only get paid once per month, so they get nearly all of it) all because Audra Wright with Ameripride is once again ignoring my calls and emails, so I am stuck between a rock and hard place. The state of Idaho keeps telling me to hire someone else to represent me and forget about Ameripride tax group, they don’t care and only want my money that is owed to them, understandably. I need some help in getting this resolved. I have two teenage daughters that live out of state and I spend as much time as I can travelling to see them, which is very costly, I cannot survive when the state or the IRS takes my full wages. Please, p oint me in the right direction to get some assistance. Should I contact the BBB?

Consumer Action Taken:

I have faxed, emailed, and regulare mailed stacks and stacks of documents as requested, many of them over and over again. I have filled out 4 different financial statements, each time no action was taken so the statement was invalid or expired by the time they actually tried to use it. I have given them everything they asked for and more, I have sent evey update received from the IRS, and both Idaho and Oregon as I recieved them, including many pages of correspondence relating the filing of wage levies if certain documents and timelines were not met, each time Ameripride dropped the ball and did not take action to prevent the levy. I have called and left probably nearly 30 voicemails with several different people on Ameriprides voice mail system in an effort to resolve this issue, and very seldom are my calls returned. In fact, I spoke with Audras’ receptionist the other day, her name is Kari, I expressed my frustration with the inact ion on my case and she let me know that I was not the only one frustrated with lack of communication and action on Ameriprides behalf.

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Thank you for any assistance you may offer.

Charles D. Scott

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  • I have a story almost identical Charles Scotts posting above. I wouldn’t mind organizing a group of us that have had the same experience with Ameripride and taking them to court. I am very upset that there are people that outright lie to steal from innocent folks that are just trying to get back on track. One thing Ameripride and all their associates are going to find out is that I am one tenacious dude.

    So, let me know all you out there that might be interested in pooling our efforts against Ameripride.

    • John,
      My name is Joan from n.y.ameripride screwed me over they took my money with no problem .and till this day I still owe the IRS. My latest levy said that if I don,t contact I will lose my house. After 4 years my husband who had esphogeal cancer died in jan of this year. As ameripride new this they played me for a fool. I tried to contact them in ever way to my surprise they never returned my numerous voice mails. So, I was forced to contact the IRS
      Now I have to pay all penalties and debt accrued to date thanks to ameripride!!!! Which is a hell of a lot more!!! Anyways if you need my help to get these bastards I’m in

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