Drowned in Depths

Im into alot of Depths my salary is not enough to pay off the loan because of this loan I dont even have money to eat im completely fedup and at times I just feel like giving my life.

Im sick and tired of the calls that I keep getting from the bank on daily basis.

Please give me a solution



How do I get rid of all this depths I dont have so money to pay to the bank all the loan that I took was just to take care of my family now my life is become so complicated I just feel like giving my life……

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6 thoughts on “Drowned in Depths”

  1. I know you are in a very difficult situation at the moment.. and I hope you are still OK… It is very tough to deal with these banks and they just keep on calling even without considering anything… but my advise to you is to just meet someone in the bank… Im sure that there will be a person who will definitely be helpful and explain the situation that your in.. maybe he/she can definitely have a repayment plan for you… don’t give up hope just yet… 


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