Purchase Power Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 3-29-2012

Date This Problem Happened: March 27, 2012

State You Live in: Virginia

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Purchase Power Solutions

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Got numerous calls over the last week from Purchase Power Solutions. Finally gave in and talked to the first associate. Thirty minutes later I got a call from Kyle Davis. He had me write down all of the information regarding how the company will help me save money: pay down the credit cards twice as fast, save $334/month and $12,000 by the time the debt is paid off. All interest rates will be fixed at the lower rates they get them at, and they will do all of this for a fee of $995. Just wanted me to give him one working Master card or VISA card to check that it is working. At that point I backed off, as I don’t do any cards over the phone.

Consumer Action Taken:

When I said I needed to check his company out with the BBB, and moved to my computer, somehow I got disconnected. He hasn’t called me back as yet, but I’m sure he will. He is a very pushy saleman, and every time the number is different. 480-390-1255 was the last one. I will definitely stay away from this scam.

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5 thoughts on “Purchase Power Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 3-29-2012”

  1. I worked for the bank and I am aware of potential scams, I spoke to Josh Robinson and he was as shifty as they came. He gave me attitude when I asked some hard hitting questions and when I checked him on it he was not too happy. Looking at the posts here I am SOOOOO glad I did not fall for this!

  2. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They sell you a great story and then say they will have a “3rd party representative” call to record so you know they are legitimate.  You have already talked to someone leaving you feeling very good and then they quickly go over what the last guy told you but leave out all the things they promised you.  If you call back to cancel after realizing it is too good to be true and investigating, they get rude and threatening and tell you they recorded you in a contract and ask if you would like to hear it.   IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE UNOPENED PACKAGE WITH TRACKING NUMBERS AND CERTIFIED MAIL.  DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!!!!!  Signing makes it a contract and then you may be in trouble!  They do not live up to their promises.  This is a disgusting scam where they prey on people who are already in financial trouble and take greater advantage of them. Call your credit card company and file a dispute right away.  There website says  RETURN PRODUCT IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE WITHIN 30 DAYS FOR A FULL REFUND IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED FOR ANY REASON!

  3. Oh, I forgot to add that this happened to me on 4/19/12 and the number that showed on the caller id was 1-928-456-7812.

  4. I, too, had almost the same experience. I received the call, was told I was eligible after answering 4 qualifying questions and was told that a consultant would call me back shortly. In a matter of minutes, Kyle Davis called me back and asked me to take down some information. I was told that this program would allow me to payoff my debt twice as fast, save a minimum of $3000 per year ($250 per month), and a minimum of $9000 by the time my cards were paid in full, that the benefits have no expiration, there would be no negative effects on my credit, and there was no out of pocket expense. He also said that I would still have the use of my cards, suggested that even though I would be required to pay a lower monthly minimum to continue paying my current payments to get the balance paid off sooner, that the best they could do was cut my interest rates in half, but sometimes they could reduce them even lower than half, and that they worked with rates on all Visa, Master Card, Discover, gas cards, department store cards, student loans, unsecured loans, etc (everything except mortgage and car loans). I just simply said “cut to the chase…what’s the catch and how did this program magically appear”. Mr. Davis went on with some talk about new government policies that recognizes the consumers with good credit and wants to help and that I was eligible because of my good payment history. He then said that the only fee was $998 that would be charged to one of the cards but would be absorbed by the savings that I would see every month. I told him that I didn’t have $998 available on any of my cards. He said that he could talk to his manager to see about getting the fee reduced if I gave him 2 credit card numbers that he could verify. I told him that all of my cards are maxed out, so if he couldn’t get the fee waived, there was no use in giving him my numbers. He said thank you and have a good day. SCAM for sure. The entire time I was talking to him, I was looking them up on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  5. I was called by a lady named Ashley on April 3, 2012.  She gave me all the reasons I could save over $12,000 by cutting my credit card interest rate in half.  She had information from the credit card processing center that showed I was eligible for rate reduction.  The fee would be $995 which would not come out of pocket.  I gave her a credit card number, but not the expiration date.  Told her I was reading from a statement and had to go and get my credit card.  While I was gone, something happened to the line and we were cut off.  She called back.  I told her the number had been changed because it had unauthorized charges.  She became highly upset and said she was going to turn my card in for giving her wrong information!  She was highly insulted.  I am glad she was because it confirmed what I was thinking all along.  If she knew my credit was in such good shape, why didn’t she know the card number.  I feel the company is a scammer.  Her direct phone number was 480-491-1655 and customer service number was 1-888-512-8881.  Run from this company.


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