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1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 4-4-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: March 27, 2012

State You Live in: Illinois

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,687.94

Company Name: 1st United Consultants

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 855-426-4294

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

March 27th 2012., I was contacted by: 1st United Consultants claiming that I had been prequalified for a mortgage modification and that I could do this through them and there would be no fees involved with the process.

Also, they said that I could include my credit cards and that I would get 10 to 15 cents on the dollar. The total for this was to be 1687.94 a month and that it would create a savings of 598.00 a month for me.

In fact, the real deal was that the money was going into a third party account that had nothing to do with my debt reduction or mortgage modification. These fees were to be collected for six months and than all my debt would be settled for me.

After having read the ROBO signing contract that I unfortunately signed I found out that I had no right to become part of any type of class action that might be taken against the company and that none of the money could or would be refunded.

Also, that the only arbitration I could take would be in a small court which immediately sent up flags for me and I knew instantly that I had just been taken and scammed.

Immediatley I called the company and questioned all the inclusions in the contract and asked why such language was being used. Also, I asked if my mortgage company was going to be contacted and they said that after six month they would negotiate all my agreed to items in the contract.

However, in the mean time all my debt would go into default and the possibility of my house ending up in a short sale was emmenant. They had truely pulled the wool over my eyes with promises that I later found out were without guarantee of success and illegal under todays laws.

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Consumer Action Taken:

Called the company and asked Tony Yoo to have the senior manager John call me back because I had concerns about the contract that I had did over the internet where you click an open space and it puts your name in that spot.

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The manager has not called me back. My intentions are to file complaints with the State of Illinois Attorneys General Office in my state and any other state that this company does business in.

Also, in the contract it states that if you miss a payment that the contract will be terminated and all your monys would be forfeit. So, taking that language littereally I called my bank immediately and explained to them what had taken place. TCF bank God Bless them helped me out and put a stop and return on the pending item.

Further, I called the States Attorneys Office and they informed me that what had taken place was Illegal activity on the part of this company. Promising to get rid of my debt at 10 to 15 cents on the dollar was not legal., Taking monys on the promise of a Mortgage Modification was Illegal.

Unbelievable they were going to let me twist in the wind and take all the money they had collected and pay themselves for services that were never given.

Further, the money I was to be saving was the money they decided to let me keep that was supposed to be paid to my creditors. Talk about sticking your hand into someones pocket and running with the loot. Be warned …..

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This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.


  • This is how they work.  First, someone from this company gives you a call. You tell him or her your hard luck story and the next thing they do is hook you up with a guy named Steve.  Steve then talks you into hiring them to fix your problem with a lower interest rate fixed for 30 years.  Sounds fantastic to you and you go for it.  After a couple of months where you spend your hard earned money to them, they will call you a few times telling you that everything is running smoothly.  Then out of the blue, Steve sends you an email telling you that you should go back to your original bank because mortgages are what they do.  You call and cancel your account to get  your money back, but they refuse to give it to you. Why?  Because they earned your money and see no reason to return it.  So, you hire a lawyer and try to get it back, which can take years to finally get it.  Don’t give up.  This company is as crooked as a windy road and will be stopped. Please, find another place to have your mortgage redone.  Check out Brunty Law Firm.  They will help you and will do their best to get your money back too.

  • Its a total scam and so you know they are not located in florida, they are located in Montreal Canada . Next to transcanada . I hope the police go after them.

  • they contacted my grandmother with the same thing about a week ago and when i read over the information and looked them up i immediately had suspicions that they were a fraud. i found a bunch of complaints and claims about it being a fraud so when they called back i said that we were no longer interested and that it looked like a fraud and to not call back. the employee continued to argue with me and i just told him to not call back again. today i get more phone calls trying to get her to recieve a fax with all the info and once again it was the same scam. when the employee called back i told him not to call again and that i looked it up on their website and it seems like a total fraud and he was very rude and ended up hanging up on me because he knew i was onto them. People these days…. so rude!

  • they contacted my grandmother with the same thing about a week ago and when i read over the information and looked them up i immediately had suspicions that they were a fraud. i found a bunch of complaints and claims about it being a fraud so when they called back i said that we were no longer interested and that it looked like a fraud and to not call back. the employee continued to argue with me and i just told him to not call back again. today i get more phone calls trying to get her to recieve a fax with all the info and once again it was the same scam. when the employee called back i told him not to call again and that i looked it up on their website and it seems like a total fraud and he was very rude and ended up hanging up on me because he knew i was onto them. People these days…. so rude!

  • i was contacted by phone with 1st united consultants. they offered to improve my loan with my morgage co.. they told me i would not pay my morgage for 4 months as a way to build there program to negociate with my morgage co.. the associate told me to save the 4 mounths of payments as i would need them later in there program. so i said send no money to you correct? she said no. i asked many questions and was told by the first person that they where just a junior associate and to ask the senior assocate. i was transfered to a senior after giving my info for the application. when i started asking him questions he told me i would have to send my morgage payments to 1st united consultants and a 3rd party attorney would hold it. this was the exact opposite of what the junior associate told me. at this point i said i was not interested, thanked them for there time and hung up. hope they don’t abbuse my infomormation i gave them.


      •  I have the same question: they have my all information, including my SS!
        They fooled me by saying that my mortgage company, CHACE, gave them my “account” to negotiate modification to reduce my payment, by the time i realized that it is all lies it was too late – i gave them what they requested.
        So now i am worried what’s going to happen?
        I reported them, by the way, this reporting does not work if they still are operating.

      •  I do not know yet! 🙂
        My question is who is going to stop them? I also reported them to couple of organizations who supposedly deal with companies like this, but as i see, nothing happened to this company and they continue dealing their game. The reason that i trusted them at the beginning was that he said: CHAISE contacted them and appointed them to work with my on my modification!!!!
        that was a lie! of course!

  • He pulled one over on my Parents his name is “Jesse Weisman”  My Father went to the bank and closed out his account. (before payment came out) the lady at the Bank was nice enough to let my Dad know “they DO NOT work with any cmpany” like  1 united.  These people need to get a REAL job and stop ripping off innocent people!!  I made a phone call to 1 United today.. I had to hang up.  He sounded so uneducated, amazes me how really stupid people are really good at crime!

  • I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the
    complaint posted by Anthony Stockl on this website.  1st United Consultants is a
    company that was founded on principles of exceptional customer service and a
    belief that providing clients with alternate solutions to those of the lenders
    who may not hold their best interests at heart.


    As a provider of true Financial Consultation, we are an
    unaffiliated 3rd party that works in the best interests of our
    clients, exactly what a consultant should be. 1st United Consultants
    provides a wealth of knowledge to clients through education, information and
    referrals. Our policy is to remain completely unbiased by refusing to be paid
    referral fees by 3rd party companies for referring a client for


    Due to the fact that our business model is innovative and
    unique, it is sometimes difficult to understand that WE ARE NOT a Loan
    Modification, Debt Settlement or Debt Relief company. Our business is to
    educate clients on how to solve their financial woes either on their own or
    through the help of a 3rd party and more importantly what to look
    for in a 3rd party. If they wish, 1st United Consultants
    clients can be set-up with 3rd party debt relief companies who are
    reputable and successful in their respective industries.


    We teach our clients that being pro-active and beginning to
    make a fundamental dramatic change today is the only outlook that they can
    afford to have. By beginning to save money and decrease variable and fixed
    savings through proper budgeting exercises, our clients can find themselves rid
    of unsecure debt in a short to medium timeframe, spending less on secure debt
    while increasing their asset portfolio.


    As for Mr. Anthony Stockl’s complaint, it is unfortunate
    that his misunderstanding of the unique service we provide has caused him to
    make slanderous and libelous remarks about our company and that our reputation
    becomes tarnished by the postings on this blog.  Furthermore, our service requires a 3 to 5
    month timeframe for completion. Mr. Stockl signed up with our company on March
    27th, 2012 and never officially cancelled his program and stopped a
    pre-scheduled and authorized payment without advising us prior.


    After enrolling on March 27th, our customer
    service department contacted Mr. Stockl to welcome him into our program and
    request the necessary documents, Mr. Stockl sent in his documents shortly after
    on March 30th, including a hardship letter, a void check for payment
    authorization and his current creditor statements. On April 2nd, Mr.
    Stockl spoke with a representative of our customer service department in which
    our agent took time explaining all the details of our program and what Mr.
    Stockl’s expectations should be. 


    Mr. Stockl was acting rude and erratic during this call and
    was transferred to a 2nd customer service agent to discuss any
    further information he required. When he was simply explained that not making
    payments to his creditors would affect his credit, he became increasingly
    aggressive and demanded a call back from his consultant. He immediately said he
    wanted stop his payment scheduled for the day prior and that he was going to
    file complaints. Our Customer Service agent advised him that we would stop the
    payment for him out of courtesy however at this point Mr. Stockl’s erratic behavior
    led him to a place where he was no longer listening to reason.


    Following this conversation, his consultant attempted to
    contact him everyday for the following week to clear up any confusion on his
    part and Mr. Stockl would pick up the phone and hang up without speaking on
    several occasions. At this point, it became clear that Mr. Stockl was not
    interested in obtaining any kind of resolution but rather was intent on
    stirring up negative reviews and attorney general complaints when nothing had
    yet been started on his file. On Monday April 9th, 2012 we learned
    of this complaint posted online while working with a new potential client who
    made reference to this blog.


    Our company has been in existence for years and this is the
    1st complaint that has been posted against it online. What is most
    troubling is the fact that the client has made allegations that our company was
    providing Loan Modification services for a fee and Debt Settlement services
    with promises of reductions up to $0.10 to $0.15 on the Dollar. These comments
    are FALSE and slanderous and open up the client to legal action as well as this
    blog. Fortunately our company bases its reputation on the satisfaction of our
    clients, rather than on lawsuits and negative action. Our contract clearly
    stipulates that we do not provide these services and that our company does not
    make any representations as to what can be saved or obtained through any of
    these methods.


    Furthermore, Mr. Stockl makes claims as to what our company
    “would’ve done” if he hadn’t taken this drastic and irreversible action: “they were going to let me
    twist in the wind and take all the money they had collected and pay themselves
    for services that were never given.”  Mr. Stockl
    clearly was unable to have any idea what the outcome would’ve truly been as he
    did not even begin the program, let alone complete it. Mr. Stockl makes several
    unfounded allegations based on the clauses stipulated in our contract. It is a
    fact that every contract signed with any institution protects the rights of company
    contracted for services. If Mr. Stockl believes that our contract is lopsided
    in any way, we invite him to study any of the contracts he has signed with
    banks, lenders, credit card companies, television, phone and internet service
    providers throughout his lifetime and provide his notes to your readers.


    Stockl makes further accusations as to ROBO signing of documents and we believe
    that Mr. Stockl is unaware of the definition of ROBO signing. ROBO signing is
    an alleged method used by banks and lenders to sign documents without ever
    looking at or reviewing them as required. E-Signing is a completely different
    process whereby  a company can sign
    documents anywhere in the world via secure email, which is legally recognized
    throughout the world today. Major E-Sign companies like Docusign and Echosign
    would be very displeased to have their brands associated to an immoral practice
    such as ROBO signing.


    Mr. Stockl felt uncomfortable with any aspect of our service and/or contract,
    our contract provides a very clear explanation on cancellation procedures and
    we understand that our service may not be for everyone, which is why we have a
    large Customer Service department specialized in handling cancellations and
    customer satisfaction. Mr. Stockl unfortunately refuses to speak with any of
    our representatives and has chosen to make false claims as a preferred method
    of handling the cancellation process. Mr. Stockl was never an actual client of
    ours due to the fact that he breached our service agreement prior to making a
    first payment even though 1st United Consultants put many man hours
    into his file and this process could have been as simple as a sign-up and
    cancellation without all of the unnecessary complaints and false accusations,
    however it is clear as indicated above that Mr. Stockl obtains some form of
    satisfaction from slandering an innocent company who has done him no wrong.


    It’s unfortunate that in today’s economy, when consumers are
    struggling and looking for solutions, individuals and lenders are more busy
    slandering companies which are looking to provide a way out, rather than
    looking internally to find where the errors that have caused the downturn of
    our economy, truly lie. The ultimate causes of this great recession are banks
    lending unheard of amounts of money to clients who did not fully qualify but
    who were intent on borrowing to the maximum of their abilities. 1st
    United Consultants has a fundamental belief that it is time to put the power
    back in the hands of clients once and only once they educate themselves on the
    proper management of these responsibilities.


    With regards to the post from Ydnar, alleging that our staff
    made claims of being associated with One United Bank, we can further assure you
    that this claim is false as our training and quality control staff is rigorous
    and adamant on the fact that we are not affiliated with or linked to any banks.


    In conclusion, we invite all consumers to visit our website
    at and become a member of our family where we put our clients needs
    first and those of the banks, advertisers and big corporations last. In
    addition, we invite the owner of this blog to help us in providing a unique
    Financial solution to clients in dire need of help. As we have seen on your
    website, you provide advertising space for lenders and debt relief companies
    and we must assume that these are reputable companies that have been through
    your due diligence process and we would like to join forces with you in
    providing services to clients who visit your blog for referral. If you, Mr.
    Rhode, wish to refer us to any FTC-Compliant debt relief services to refer our
    clients to, we would be glad to provide them with the excellent service that we
    pride ourselves upon. 


    Thank you for providing us with this forum on which to exercise
    our right to respond to accusations made against our great organization and we
    wish you the best of luck and Godspeed. We implore you, Mr. Stockl to see the
    extent of the damages your comments are causing to our company, without causing
    you any damages, due to the professional nature of our business ethics and
    morals. You chose not to do business and we wish you well and hope that you
    will end this campaign in an equally moral fashion.

    • Don’t you have some policies about protecting client personal information and safeguarding it?

      I’m actually shocked that you publicly identified a consumer in your response. Did he give you permission to do that?

      I went to your site to check your privacy policy but could not find one or your site terms. Should all site visitors anticipate your disclosing their private information when it suits you?

      And while you are here, what’s your business address and corporate name?

      • I wish to thank your site. I am now  cancelling business with this company. I was called yesterday and I started thinking how fishy it was. I got to looking and cannot find this particular company on the BBB. Thanks for your help.

      • I’m confused, what client personal information was given? He didn’t identify a client, clearly this man is not a client, and Anthony identified himself first. He went through a detailed account of their conversations, and listed the documents that were given. He didn’t divulge any of Anthony’s personal information, banking, social, or even what his “hardship” is. As an outsider, looks like Anthony’s an angry kid throwing a tantrum, and united looks very calculated and educated. Also you look like the kid’s angry mom who’ll believe anything he says. I’ve been waiting for my bank to change my interest rate, I’ve been waiting 9months, still making the same payments…In my opinion banks are the crooks. I’m thinking of letting them take my house and starting over, you know, since they’re offering lower interest rates to new clients than what I’m paying, why bother trying????

    •  I am glad to be able to contact 1st United company representative and report that i also have been called by Justin Rosem (?) and the promises sounded so good that he did convince me somehow to give him my social! he said he cannot tell me any numbers or know if i qualify for this programmer unless i give him my social security number, and then i realized that now they have my birthday, social security number, address!!!!!!!!! He was very pushy! After he said that in 4 months supposedly CHASE will drop more than $270,000 that i am upside down on my house, i knew it cannot be true… i mean i said how can he be that sure? Without explaining how this program works, he wanted my account number next, so that my “new” payment will go to that account, and that’s when i realize how they work -that my money is going to go to the 3rd party (i was reading about this ‘deb help” programs 2 years ago) and my record is going to be ruined!!!
      but by that time, as i said, he had my most important information. I said that i do not want to do this NOW – not so fast! not without reading the contract and knowing how this works! He was terrible – he said nothing is possible unless i first follow all those steps, which i did not do and said i will call him Tuesday!
      I am very worried that they have all my information. Can i do anything? Please let me know if you have the answer.
      Thank you

      • I just had to respond to this. 
        About 10 minutes ago I just got off the phone with (Rudy) at 1st United Consultants. Like you said, he was (pushy) 
        He requested the same info from me! I listened to his spill, only because I had (down time) Rudy and I were on the phone for about 30 minutes. Then came the request for my Date of Birth (I gave him a fake date)  and then he lost me totally when he requested my Social Security Number and My Bank Account Number???? We went around and around. He (offer) me every excuse, and reason why he just had to have my Social Security Number (smh). He kept going. Then I became (irritated). I told him that I report Scammers  like your company to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). He didn’t stop????? So I said to him.”I am NOT signing anything or giving out any information over the phone, without READING the contract.Rudy said that he could get in (trouble) and its their policy to get vital, important information prior to sending out contracts, because I might give it to their competition???He finally gave up, and stated Rudy “I could be dealing with other clients and NOT talking to you”??….Duh,,,,,(this is only after I told him I was getting off the phone)Number One rule is, If a Cold Caller request your Bank Account Number Or Social Security Number, created by a “Cold Call” over the Phone, say No Thank You and have a Nice Day. 

  • I was just called by 1st United.  They claim to be associated with

    Smelled very fishy when they asked for SS#.   I refused and they used a bank account #.

    Then, they had a 10 page contract which they expected me to sign on the phone with them and were in disbelief when I told them I wanted to read the agreement.   

    Supposedly they are now calling me tomorrow.   If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.  

    • Beware friend this was the same language they used with me.   You are being set up to be totally financially ruined.   Be very careful

  • Here is my story.  I was called one night from a man for 1st United telling me he can get me a new mortgage where he can get both  my first and second mortgages into another lender and get me out from under Ocwen Servicing. He said it would not cost me a dime, but I have to pay $551.18 a month for 5 months when it will be completed.
    In talking with a service consultant from Ocwen just a mew minutes ago, I was told that she has no idea how this would be done, unless Ocwen sold my contracts to 1st united. I have sent them the first payment as of the first of this month and am now in breach with Ocwen and stand a good chance at a foreclosure.  How do you spell scared out of my mind?
    Am I being taken for another ride here? Should I cancel with them and get my money back or has Steve told me the truth in what he has been telling me?

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