How Much Trouble Are We In For Giving Prudent Law Group Our Information? – Chuck

“Dear Steve,

Have filed chapter 13. In an interest only Fannie loan, upside down.

Answered a card in the mail. After my wife e signed all these docs, they wanted $4000 upfront. She started thinking we had to check these guys out, Prudent Law Group, and found your site. The question is, if this is a scam, how much trouble are we in, giving these guys all our info? Our mortgage company will not help us, referring us to Quicken Loans, who tell us they don’t handle these loans.


Dear Chuck,

If you feel uncertain or uneasy with the services offered under the document you sent me, you should talk directly with Prudent Law Group.

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The paperwork you sent contains the following statement:

You acknowledge and agree that (i) our firm and its agents have not made any promises or guarantees to you and that any comments to you with respect to any possible outcome of your matter prior to an actual resolution of your matter are speculative in nature and shall not be relied upon by you; (ii) our firm and its agents shall have no further obligation to you after a mitigation is offered to you from your lender; (iii) you may obtain a loan modification by contacting your lender or servicer directly; and (iv) housing counseling is available to you through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at (202) 708-1112 or at www.hud.gov.

Limitations of Representations and Warranties: No representations are made, and there are no guarantees written or implied that the loan review and analysis and the loan modification request will produce any specific desired result. Attorney and her agents make no guarantee or predictions as to the outcome of her services, but Attorney and her agents may give an opinion about possible results. By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that the Attorney and her agents has made no such guarantee, warranty, representation or prediction concerning of the outcome of the subject of this Agreement or the time frame required to complete the contracted services. You acknowledge that each case is unique and individual results may vary.

I’d suggest you pick up the phone quickly and call Prudent Law Group if you feel as if you made a mistake, and ask for your money back, if you’ve paid anything, before they do any work. Their response to this request will be very telling. They should agree to stop this without question if they put clients first.

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The sections of your paperwork appear to me to lay out the fact they are not making any claims about the success of assisting you on your mortgage. So you may want to first talk to a free HUD Housing Counselor and your lender directly. Either of those parties can give you a better idea of what options may be available to you in your situation.

If there are options available but you can’t get anywhere and need help implementing a solution you know exists, then you might want to pick up the phone and talk to Prudent Law Group again to help implement it. That is if you get a good feeling when you can about this issue and they are responsive. Who wants to pay a lot of money for bad customer service? I know I don’t.

Just remember, there is nothing that requires any lender to modify any loan. It’s quite possible that there may be no modification programs available.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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