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Why Can’t I Get a Hold of Anyone At Square One Debt Settlement Anymore? – Dean

gave all my imformation to you Square One Debt Settlement paid the bill required in full, and have had not heard back since I paid off the bill. your phone does not work anymore i do have the contract about what was to be acomplished to help clear up my bills

why can i not get a hold of anybody at Square One Debt Settlement anymore???????????????

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  • Guest

    OMG!!! Square One closing their doors is the best news ever.  All they did for me is take $6,000 dollars of my hard earned money and took me to the front doors of Bankruptcy Court.  Good Bye Square One. Good Bye David Prince.  You are all loosers. 

  • alexander

    I am (was) also a client of Square (One) Settlements (it was kind of strange when they changed their name a year ago, now I’m beginning to understand the bigger picture). I had payed all my fees to their company. Now what? Can anyone give me a direction to go as far as (i) how if possible to recoup the fee (ii) how to contact the credit cards / debt collectors about the current file they have on me?

    • Steve Rhode

      If you want to try to go for a refund, follow this

      If you want to find out what is being reported about you and how to contact the creditors, get a consolidated credit report.

      • Alby

        Dear stave right now I really don’t know what to thing any more who to believe anymore ever seen Benjamin and Ryan Holding and sands Tourism did to me everytime they sand me something I just turn around and I said it just a lie they just want to scam me again rightnow I just want my children back in my arm again after Benjamin and Ryan and Sands Tourism Scam me I lost my children and my future I have for them I wish someone will do something to them thank stave for been there for me and listening to me and I wish people will just stop believing thouse SCAMMER don’t be like me stupid now look were am at now I lost everything

  • Guest

    Lynore Reiseck



  • Tascmighthelp

    Ask TASC or AFCC maybe they can help link shows they were board members in the past

  • Tascmighthelp

    try contacting TASC or AFCC as he is one of their former board members
    TASC Board and Committees – The Executive Board of The Association of Settlement, 21 Nov 2010 [cached]
    David PrinceSecretaryDavid Prince is President and Co-Founder of Square One Debt Settlement, LLC in Sunrise, Florida, a TASC Accredited company that offers back end services to debt settlement companies.Mr. Prince is a licensed attorney and has been a member of the Florida, Colorado and Washington D.C Bars for over 13 years.During this time he has used his entrepreneurial skills and founded several technology and servicing companies.Additionally, Mr. Prince is a Director of the Gimbel Charitable Trust and is active in his community with several charities.Prior to attending law school he worked with Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of America.He holds a B.S. from University of Maryland in Consumer Economics and a J.D. from the University of Miami, School of Law with a focus in Corporate Finance and Banking Law.Mr. Prince currently participates on the TASC Public Relations and Legislative committees.

  • Orr484

    I have been told that they went out of business in March. I recieved a letter saying that I needed to call the banks and arrange payment setup.
    I used Global Solutions(for paying them) and they sent me back my money that was in the account without me asking because they had not heard from me. Hope this helps.  

    • Steve Rhode

      I think that sums it up nicely. The problem here I’m willing to be on is that you paid in advance for services you are not going to receive.

      • Sreeder00

         We were working with Square One when they went out of business.  Any money they had sent to Global Client Solutions is being returned to us.  Of course they kept their outrageous fees but they did pay off two of our accounts at less than 50% of what we owed.  Looking for a new company now.  They told us it was due to government regulations that they had to close.

      • Steve Rhode

        Due to government regulations? Talk about passing the buck.

  • Surveyor

    Square One closed their company effective April 4, 2012. Their website is gone, their phones are apparently disconnected.

  • Seanboyett

    The only “Square One Debt Settlement” that I know of is based out of Florida.  If this will help, I have attached the BBB link for the office located in Florida below.  It will also give you other contact information on them as well as being able to contact the BBB direct.  Hope it helps….

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