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Why Can’t I Get a Hold of Anyone At Square One Debt Settlement Anymore? – Dean

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gave all my imformation to you Square One Debt Settlement paid the bill required in full, and have had not heard back since I paid off the bill. your phone does not work anymore i do have the contract about what was to be acomplished to help clear up my bills

why can i not get a hold of anybody at Square One Debt Settlement anymore???????????????

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  • OMG!!! Square One closing their doors is the best news ever.  All they did for me is take $6,000 dollars of my hard earned money and took me to the front doors of Bankruptcy Court.  Good Bye Square One. Good Bye David Prince.  You are all loosers. 

  • I am (was) also a client of Square (One) Settlements (it was kind of strange when they changed their name a year ago, now I’m beginning to understand the bigger picture). I had payed all my fees to their company. Now what? Can anyone give me a direction to go as far as (i) how if possible to recoup the fee (ii) how to contact the credit cards / debt collectors about the current file they have on me?

      • Dear stave right now I really don’t know what to thing any more who to believe anymore ever seen Benjamin and Ryan Holding and sands Tourism did to me everytime they sand me something I just turn around and I said it just a lie they just want to scam me again rightnow I just want my children back in my arm again after Benjamin and Ryan and Sands Tourism Scam me I lost my children and my future I have for them I wish someone will do something to them thank stave for been there for me and listening to me and I wish people will just stop believing thouse SCAMMER don’t be like me stupid now look were am at now I lost everything

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