Debt Settlement Scammers Headed to Jail

A couple claiming to settle debts and soliciting funds to do so was sentenced to jail last week.

Monica Clune, along with her husband John, solicited the victims for debt settlement services. After receiving initial fees, the Clunes proceeded to collect money from the victims claiming they were obtaining settlements from creditors on behalf of the victims. After forwarding about $13,000 to the Clunes, the victims began to discover their money was not being forwarded to the creditors at all. The money went to the Clune’s personal accounts. John Clune previously pled to the same charges and is now on probation.

Monica Clune, age 44 of Farmer’s Branch, Texas appeared at the Lafayette County Courthouse in Oxford before Circuit Court Judge Andrew K. Howorth yesterday and pleaded guilty to five counts of wire fraud involving a scam against a Chickasaw County couple.

Judge Koworth sentenced Clune to five years on each count, to run consecutively, with 20 years suspended and five years to serve day for day as a habitual offender (99-19-81) based on two previous felony convictions for credit card abuse in Texas. Clune must also go to the Restitution Center after her release and must serve five years of post- release supervision.


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