Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Account Being Sent to Consumer Affairs Law Center

A reader has just let me know that their account with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is being sent to Consumer Affairs Law Center.

This is intriguing considering the mass termination of affiliates on March 30, 2012 from Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. If the notification is true, it appears Legal Helpers is taking client accounts and thus income away from non-attorney affiliates and sending them to attorney affiliates.

I received a call from them notifying me of the class action suits and that they would be transitioning my account to Consumer Affairs Law Center. All I needed to do was sign one form. I was suspicious so I told them I would delay my action for a day or so. I have paid them around $14,000. I’m not sure if I should transition or not. If there is a class action suit I would like to be part of it but I can not find that Minnesota has filed one against them.

It sounds like a smoke screen to me if this is based on the March 30, 2012 affiliate/franchise mass terminations.

Anyone heard anything else on this?


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3 thoughts on “Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Account Being Sent to Consumer Affairs Law Center”

  1. Consumer Affairs Law Center is the leftover company from a joint venture with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution that went haywire.  Consumers beware !!!  I am one of the left over employees that was laid off as they are getting ready to close their doors in Orange County and file bankruptcy !!!  Do your homework and get a bona fide debt settlement attorney, not this fake law center.  They are not, by the way, listed with the California Bar Association.  I believe there are about eight employees left there cleaning up the mess in Costa Mesa, CA.

  2. Yes,
    I am in the same situation.  They want me to sign a document with Consumer Affairs Law Center.  This is after I got a call from them last week that they are being sued and they are rated F in the Better Business Bureau.  I have paid them the initial fee and 185.00 month for at least two years.  I don’t want to sign this until I get some advice.

    • I just signed into a program with American Financial Services/LHDR. I have had some red flags, and have since seem all of this negative info. Not sure what to do. What has happened to you since your original post


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