Hardship Center – Consumer Complaint – 4-10-2012

Date This Problem Happened: October 24, 2011

State You Live in: South Carolina

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,695

Company Name: Hardship Center

Company Address:

2458 Newport Blvd.
Ste. #205
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Company Telephone Number: 800-516-0584

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Website of Company: hardshipcenter.com

Consumer Statement:

October 2011, I received a phone call regarding my mortgage. A man named Phil Cooper called me several occasions 3 days back to back. I was unsure but we were in trouble financially. Phil Cooper told us every thing we needed to hear. Our financial life had changed in the past couple of years so we were desperate. He was a very good salesman. He told us to use our next house payment and 2nd mortgage payment for funds up front before the services. The refinancing could not be started to help us until money was received. He sent me a report from our present mortgage and then a comparison with our new modification using the Hardship Center 2458 Newport Blvd, Suite 205, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 phone 800-516-0584, 949-734-4511, Fax 714-829-3006. Of course it was incredibly wonderful. I was given a time of 90 days for resolution. My fee was $1695. I sent them all our personal information and was assured all was right. December 1, I started calling them . I got answers but my loan had not been addressed yet. She said I was basically stuck because of the holidays. That was my first real suspicion. There fore I continued to call almost on a daily basis and many times got a voice mail and other times got a real person who always had something positive to say, “Not much long” etc. There was a Christiana and a Nicole who answered the phone.No results since October 2011, and now it is January 2012.. During that time I called Wells Fargo and got a lot of information regarding the illegal business of Hardship Center. Also during this time we had a fraudulent transaction to our banking account. The same account they had access to. Fortunately it was discovered by our bank. We had to change accounts a lot of time and trouble. Once that was closed within 1 week I got a call from the Hardship Center requesting me to call Wells Fargo so they could complete the loan. I did not. I immediately called Wells Fargo and they knew no thing about my entire story. I called Hardship again and asked to cancel their services. They had to mail me papers to be signed and faxed back.Email was apparently impossible now. I got a call approx. 7-10 days saying they received my request and would have their decision if I qualified or not within 2 weeks. I’m still waiting. This was February 2012

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Consumer Action Taken:

Again, phone conversations. A “contract” to eliminate their services.I called Wells Fargo sought out information as to what to do . I contacted the Federal Trade Commission complaint # 35039680. W.F. told me to call the mayor and police dept. of Costa Mesa. I have not done that yet.

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