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I Owe a Debt from 7 Years Ago and Just Gave Them a Payment. Will I Still Owe the Debt? – Rachel


“Dear Steve,

I just got a you must pay in full from a debt collector company, I was researching and I believe the statute of limitations on medical bills for the state of Idaho is 7 years.

So my question is my outstanding medical bills are from 2005, and I have just now gotten something from this company that they want to collect now. I gave them some money today just because I don’t want them to try and sue me and tack on attorney fees too… So by doing so if the limitations for them to collect was up and I gave them money any way does that mean that I now am admitting that I owe this debt and have to pay it or is there a way to get out of it completely?


Dear Rachel,

it is my understanding that when you make a payment you start the statute of limitations clock all over again.

You’d have to check with an attorney licensed in your state for a definitive answer though.

The most cost effective way to get out from under a debt completely is through bankruptcy. You can click here to find a local consumer bankruptcy attorney and chat with them about the situation.

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